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Dawn of Knight Character
Published 6 months ago
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I'll post more details later but for now

The world he lives in is very snowy, icy and cold.

Edit: Alright, here's the whole description thingy

Name: Draco Winterheart

Age: 27

Homeworld: Winterland, a snowy and icy world where it always is cloudy and cold. There are several cities and villages there, and then there is Raven Castle. Raven Castle is where the Royal Family resides. Raven Castle is located two miles west of the large town Ravensburg, where Draco grew up with his mother and father. The town gets its name from the gods that they worship, which are raven-like beings who drank blood. Very few still believe in these gods, but the ones who do will do anything to please them.

Backstory: Was orphaned at a young age when his parents died in a dragon attack. He swore to slay the dragon and has traveled far across Winterland looking for the dragon that killed his parents. The dragon was named Angmar the Black, for his scales were as dark as midnight. After a long while Draco gave up, and returned home to Ravensburg. In his 10 year absence much had changed. The old king had died not long after Draco had left in search of the dragon and a new king, Grackle, had taken the throne. He was a horrible person, and every month, took two of the villagers of Ravensburg to sacrifice to the old gods. He was also very greedy, and demanded that all the money the villagers made would go to his treasury for "safe-keeping." Draco made a public announcement about the king, saying he was greedy and corrupt, and later that day, King Grackle offered a a reward of 500 gold coins for the head of Draco. Draco fled Ravensburg, and has resumed his search for Angmar the Black.

Weaknesses: Is very afraid of donkeys, sometimes he jumps into battle without thinking first, headstrong

Strengths: Very brave, smart, can wield a sword and a bow, knows several forms of martial arts, kind
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6 months ago
Thanks dude!
6 months ago
Added the description and stuff
6 months ago
awesome! man, you always come up with the coolest backstories for your characters
2 months ago
Amazing bio, man!

Wow, that render is awesome!
2 months ago
@Kayoee, Thanks so much for the render dude!
2 months ago
Thx peeps! Shoutout to LW for showing me how to use the depth of field thing
2 months ago
You’re welcome!
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