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Ninjago OC: Chandler Turner, the Arachnid Ninja
Published 3 months ago
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Here’s a Ninjago OC I made. He’s heavily based off of Spider-Man, but he is a part of the Ninjago universe. Anyway, here’s a profile on him:

Name: Chandler Turner
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Powers: Can speak to arachnids (spiders, tarantulas, scorpions, etc.), can shoot webs, stick to walls, can sting others with his hands, can shoot various poisons out of his fingers

Bio: This ninja is very infamous in the Ninja Community. His powers aren’t considered elemental, although he never claimed them to be. He got bit by a radioactive spider and a radioactive scorpion. He gained powers which no other human has ever gained. He got special training by going into an alternate dimension and studied the way of the spider with a man known as Peter Parker. Unfortunately, Peter couldn’t teach Chandler how to use his scorpion abilities because he simply didn’t know how. However, Chandler had taught himself how to use his scorpions powers and became one of the most unique ninja in Ninjago.
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