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for knight of elabor
Published 2 months ago
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Name: Shadeon Veracon, aka the silent shadow
Age: 22
Gender: male
relatives: none all deceased

bio: Shadeon started out as a weird person he was fairly silent and liked to chase almost anything. But his life was changed when his family was killed on their way to dinner, while he was at home with a babysitter. About a week or so later he was put into an orphanage. While he was their he never really made friends he was fairly silent and kept to himself while other kids laughed and played together. Around the Age of 6 he realized he was wasting his time their. So one night Shadeon escaped into the city for a while. After a month or so of living on the street and witnessing how his world was plagued with villains he made his way to the waistbands of his world to spend the rest of his life. about 2 weeks later he ran into a few bad guys who tried to kill him but he evaded the villains and eventually defeated them. The next 12 years were pretty much the same he defeated thousand of villains and eventually faced one of Azakans biggest villains ever a man with the power of invisibility after 2 hours of fighting Shadeon finally beat him and his powers passed on to him. The powers enhanced his skills giving him the upper hand in most of his fights from that point on.

Strengths: He is extremely skilled in combat, as he spent the majority of his life trying to master it. His power of invisibility (as previously mentioned) actually enhances his fighting skills, and gives him the upper hand to the extent that no one can see him

Weaknesses: Very cocky, and hates to lose. He has a trouble making friends, and ALWAYS messes it up (AKA, he appears out of thin air right behind them, and scares the HECK out of them). He doesn't like help from other people, and is kinda full of himself.

Quirks, Extra info: He has absolutely NO idea how to act around people (due to him not really wanting to have them), taught himself pretty much everything he knows.

Alt world Name: It's called Azakan, it's a world plagued with Villain of all variety's. Due to this unfortunate effect it has been mostly destroyed and run down. It's fall happened around the time Shadeon turned 14 one villain tried to use his powers to disintegrate Azakan but he was stopped and a few civilizations still thrive in this run down and trashy world. In response to all these facts Shadeon hates his world but can't get out of it which angers him to his core.

So i took a look at mine and then everyone elses and i thought "i can do better", so I did. Hope it is better, oh and shoutout to my boi Op11 he kinda helped me
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2 months ago
Awesome! one thing tho, you need to come up with and alt. world to go with it
2 months ago
what do you mean they all will end up in the same world right?
2 months ago
well sorta. have you seen Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse? well, it's kinda like that.
all the characters are from different alternative worlds but they all end up together.
dose that make sense?
2 months ago
in short, you need to make up your character's home world.
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