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AP-SV Enki
Published 4 months ago
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Allpurpose Submersible Vehicle "Enki", a practice in weird, slanted building, and a test of the D-NOISE plugin.

Total render time for the original image is 13 minutes at 128 samples, not bad? I upped the sample number for the second render, although the background is still rendered with much fewer samples to save on time.

The only thing that causes me trouble is that the D-NOISE output seems to lose the 32-bit depth info, producing a LDR image, which means it has to be applied fairly late in the postprocessing chain.

The second render is a composite done in Blender and later postprocessed.
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4 months ago
Nice render!

I think the easy way to light up the cockpit is by simply adding a Lamp inside, like an Area to simulate the light emitted by the control screen, by example.

You should also add some bubbles coming out of the thrusters. It would add more dynamism to your image.
4 months ago
Hoho, my first version of the scene had bubbles, plants and a fully volumetric slab of light scattering, video-card burning nightmare smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
It rendered for four hours and looked so bad I deleted the scene smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
I'll look into expanding the current scene into a sort of a diorama with backdrop, fish, plants and diver minifigs smiling face with open mouth
4 months ago
Also there are a few lamps in the cockpit, unfortunately they're the only thing visible there smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
4 months ago
Oh! Looking forward to see the final scene!

The problem here is the reflection of your HDRI in the windscreen. You could decrease the strength of your HDRI but it will affects all the lighting of your scene. You could also maybe increase a little bit the strength of your lamp inside the cockpit.
4 months ago
Great render! Is it with Mecabricks render farm, Blender, or something else?
4 months ago
I rendered it on my home PC, I'd say it's 95% Blender smiling face with open mouth
4 months ago
I would do what Helo suggested for the transparent cockpit. I think some well located lamps inside shall do the job. Maybe try an arc that follows the curve on the side and behind the pilot.
4 months ago
Okay, I was working on this for a long time now, time to have a rest smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
First time using a compositor chain this big and this complex, I separated the scene into background, bubbly effects and foreground, rendered stuff separately, composited and emulated fog and bokeh blur, as well as some rather heavy postprocessing on the result outside of Blender. I'm pretty pleased with the result, but it's pretty time consuming!
4 months ago
Incredible job @MrmoTarius! smiling face with open mouth
4 months ago
4 months ago
Just need to remove the window reflection in the cockpit and that will be sweet as smiling face with open mouth
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