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Gamerverse: Method
Published 1 year ago
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Apollo looked out at the city of Risha or the City of The Drowned. This was just the digital recreation of it though. The real Risha was in the physical world. After all, the Gamerverse was the replacement of the real world. Thus all of the cities should exist on the planet. Nonetheless, he had a routine. And he would begin. His routine started at six. He would sneak around the upper district of the city. Looking for discarded coins uncared for by the rich people of the upper district. Unfortunately, Apollo wasn't the only person looking for these riches. Every now and then he would see another scavenger. It wasn't unusual to see a scavenger in the upper district. Many people had problems. It was so surprising how realistic a digital program could be.
After his early rounds, he would go to the PigTrough, one of the cheapest grubs downtown. Yet, it was known for extreme violence and bad food. The head chef (& former gang boss) Gonida Gevitchi had a soft spot for Apollo. He practically raised him. Nothing had ever set them apart. Until that one fateful day when the Scientists came.
You see the Scientists were cultists that needed test subjects to perform their "rituals", and that day they came to collect Apollo...

So... yeah sorry the story is overdue. I got caught up. Yet I felt like I should release it. Created by @xXTheMemeKingXx. Thanks. It took me a while to come up with it all.
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1 year ago
Thanks, it was a fresh topic. Something I had to figure out.
1 year ago
I love this :]
1 year ago
Thanks CRM! Your custom prints are awesome!!!
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