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Mt. Rushmore Brickheadz
Published 3 weeks ago
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Some people like to make their art out of wax, our of marble, out of lego(Like me), and some like to make their art out of the sides of mountains. completed in 1941, Mount Rushmore continues to amaze, and attract new viewers each year. It is quite possibly South Dakota's most popular attraction. It is truly a marvel, and no matter how you feel about the presidents chosen for this icon, you have to still marvel over the complete artistic wonder that it is. Again, this is a very special project for me, and one that was in the works for a LONG time. it took almost three days to complete, and it has over 500 bricks(technically it should have more, but I used some really big ones in the structure). This project is special because it is a tribute to the South Dakota trip our family takes each year. Obviously, the mountain is not to scale, and while I did use a reference picture, this is more done from my perspective, and how it actually looks when you see the mountain. I already have two president brickheadz, but I felt like I wanted to pay tribute to some of the greatest. Hopefully the Crazy Horse Monument will be coming soon, and now I just have to decide how I should classify this, as a historical, or just a regular model.
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3 weeks ago
Awesome!! The idea and model is incredible!!
3 weeks ago
Thank you all!
3 weeks ago
Incredible execution!

Abe could use a more visible view
3 weeks ago
I actually agree with you, but as I said in the description, this was how the actual mountain registered in my mind. Unfortunately, by the time that I realized that this was an issue, I was already too far along in the process to change it.
3 weeks ago
Beautiful build! (I would support this on LEGO ideas
3 weeks ago
Thankyou, and I might hold you to that, because I just uploaded it.
3 weeks ago
Me: *read's comment Wait. . . immediately types in ideas.lego.com, dang, it isn't showing up...
3 weeks ago
It still has to be verified by the lego group, and nothing is set in stone, but hopefully in a few days it'll be up.
3 weeks ago
and thankyou all for your support.
3 weeks ago
also... the renders! Really nice added touch!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 weeks ago
"completed" in 1941. not really. it was abandoned in 1941. Borglum intended to sculpt the entier upper bodies of the heads too but died before getting to that point
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