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04.3 - Immature
Published 3 months ago
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04.3 - Immature

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

“Blade, don’t!” PurplePirah exclaimed. Too late. BlackBlade ran out into the hallway and kicked Nate_Aardman in the face.
“Screw stealth! Long live whatever-you-call-the-opposite!” BlackBlade shouted happily, then chuckled like usual. A laser beam hit him straight across the chest, but harmlessly bounced off.
“Those petty weapons don’t work on me,” BlackBlade said.
“Flip! How’d they find us?” ConnorLEGO asked.
“Who cares, they’re here, so we’ll have to fight!” Mayotron9 replied, expanding his sword and sniper.
“Fight? Don’t make me laugh… You two are probably already scared when you see a scroller,” BlackBlade claimed.
“Scroller?” ConnorLEGO and PurplePirah said at the same time.
“Ugh, you don’t know what a scroller is? Well I guess my IQ is indeed higher than yours…” BlackBlade replied.
“Hey!” PurplePirah complained.
“Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean you of course… Although you don’t have that high of an IQ, you’re still smarter that the others here,” BlackBlade explained.
“Seriously? Do you always have to be this immature?” PurplePirah asked.
“I’m not immature,” BlackBlade protested.
“Yes, you are!” PurplePirah said.
“I agree with purple, you are incredibly immature,” Mayotron9 agreed.
“Says the one who built a cushion fort,” ConnorLEGO commented.
“Are you siding with them now?” Mayotron9 asked.
“You sided with the purple guy first,” ConnorLEGO argued.
“My name is PurplePirah,” PurplePirah said, annoyed to be referred to by ‘purple’.
“See! He is annoyed by being called ‘purple’! That’s a very clear sign of immaturity,” BlackBlade exclaimed.
“Pointing that out and saying its immature is immature,” Mayotron9 argued.
“What you just said is immature, since you pointed out that it’s immature to point out that someone is immature,” ConnorLEGO replied.
“Then you are immature because you pointed out that I’m immature for pointing out that a bunch of other people are immature,” Mayotron9 protested.
“You all got it wrong! We are all immature on some level, but the most immature person here is the person who continues to drag this on, and that’s the person who accused the person accusing the person that accused me of being immature,” BlackBlade explained.
“Weren’t you the one that blamed me for being immature? You left that out on purpose, and do you know why? Because you’re immature,” PurplePirah argued.
“But weren’t you the one who accused me to be immature before that?” BlackBlade asked.
“Yes, because you’re immature,” PurplePirah explained.
“Accusing someone to be immature is immature!” ConnorLEGO exclaimed.
“You’re immature because you said that!” PurplePirah accused.
“Everyone here is immature!” Mayotron9 shouted, making them quiet down.
“Except me,” BlackBlade said.
“You’re the most immature of them all!” PurplePirah complained while ConnorLEGO said: “That’s the most immature thing to say!”
“How did we even end up like this?” Mayotron sighed.
“The most immature of us all is Pirah,” BlackBlade accused.
“Who?” ConnorLEGO asked.
“Me!” PurplePirah said, annoyed.
“No need to be so angry! That’s immature,” ConnorLEGO replied.
“Seriously? That’s immature?” PurplePirah asked.
“Yes!” BlackBlade exclaimed.
“You’re all immature!” Mayotron9 exclaimed.
“Well you’re immature for saying that!” ConnorLEGO stated.
“Yeah!” PurplePirah agreed.
“I agree, but Pirah is still the most immature person here,” BlackBlade said.
“Fine! I’m immature, but at least I can accept that!” Mayotron9 exclaimed.
“Saying that makes you even more immature!” ConnorLEGO said.
“What? How?” Mayotron9 asked.
“Because I said so!” ConnorLEGO replied.
“That doesn’t make sense!” Mayotron9 protested.
“Don’t be immature! Just because you don’t understand mature talk doesn’t mean it’s immature,” ConnorLEGO explained.
“I blame myself that you guys are immature!” BlackBlade announced.
“How does that make any sense?” ConnorLEGO asked.
“It just does!” PurplePirah said.
“We’re all immature!” Mayotron9 exclaimed.
“No we’re not!” BlackBlade replied.

[End of 04.3.]

Note: There are two things I want to say:
1.) This chapter demonstrates how useless fights can be

2.) I'll be leaving for around 5 days... *Be sure not to flood my notifications
I'll try to remain online in the next five days... But I'm not sure if that is possible...

*The last two times I asked this there was spam
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3 months ago
SebastianButton.lego - Thanks!!
3 months ago
In the future I shall be famous because I was the first one to comment on The_An0nyms chapter: Immature.
3 months ago
SebastianButton.lego -
3 months ago
BTW see you in around five days, make sure it is the quickest 5 days possible 120 hours oh that makes it look longer 7200 minutes! Not better umm!432000 Seconds! Oh I give up.
I did all that in my head so I probably got it wrong.
3 months ago
SebastianButton.lego - Checked with a calculator; all right
3 months ago
Have fun with whatever you are doing! Also I find this chapter hilarious, this was just gold. (Pun intended) this would be the perfect time for someone to sneak up behind Black and Purple and knock them out.
3 months ago
Amazing chapter! Also, it will be pretty immature to spam your notification
3 months ago
happy097 & Jono_Guard - Thanks!!
3 months ago
if i was in the story ill slap blackblade in the face but nice story
3 months ago
legomaster6383 - Thanks!!
3 months ago
wait i have a idea what about i make a sig for your story
3 months ago
legomaster6383 - Wait, you don't have a sig-fig yet?
Yes, you'll need to make one then
3 months ago
i have one but im makeing a better me for the story
3 months ago
legomaster6383 - Just focus on making him cool
3 months ago
Amazing Chapter also a question i understand if the answer is no but..... Could I appear in a chapter?
3 months ago
immature people are hilarious. I laugh in the face of their petty arguments.
I am the most mature. *fancy smile*
3 months ago
Comicbookguy - Sure!!
But as the note states; I'll be leaving for 5 days...

Justy -
3 months ago
*Wonders Where I've been* *Goes back to making an abbreviation meaning for math*:
Nice chapter. *Starts reading Harry Potter*. *Starts watching The Mighty Ducks*. *Gets into an arguement with friends and realizes that's immature*. *Realizes that the word "Immature was used almost every time someone spoke*. *Wonders why is their a meaning to words*. *Realizes that I haven't figured out the meaning of life yet*. *Realizes he saying his thoughts out loud*. UHHHHH BYEEEE
3 months ago
Hey there I am again!
Thank you!
3 months ago
@LP, you don't know the meaning of life? well, I'll explain it for you. it's not very complicated. the purpose of all living things is- *gets knocked out by a mysterious stranger that will never again be mentioned by me*
3 months ago

great chapter!
3 months ago
Just 2 more days
3 months ago
Fortunately I had time to catch up with the story

Great, as always!!
3 months ago
Glad I didn't have that many notifications
Good job not spamming me


WizardBuilds1, SlimBrick1 & SpaceBuilder101 - Thanks

Lego_Tron & Justy -

ConnorLEGO - You're welcome
(Hope I didn't miss anyone XD)
3 months ago
General_Veers - Thanks!!

(I did miss one

Anyway: I'm BACK!!
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