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Legacy of the Lord-Saber chapter 34
Published 2 months ago
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Previously on Legacy of the Lord-Saber: The epic final battle has begun, and everything comes down to who will get to the Lord-Saber first.

Chapter 34

As Kol walked down, all he could tell with his own mind was how strange this was. The Saber was here, without a doubt yes, but it wasn’t what he expected. He’d expected something grand and maybe even poetic to end this amazing journey, but something was off. He couldn’t place it.
The rocky floor became more level the closer he got to the Lord-Saber, and lava continued to seep through the cracks in the black ceiling. The ground still had a small amount of snow that made this a very difficult walk.
His heart began to pound the moment the orange glow came into focus. “There you are,” he muttered, heading straight for the blade. “Willa! Swo! I found it.”
Swo dodged some spilling lava and helped Willa limp toward Kol. “So,” he said with a laugh behind his voice. “I guess this’ll be it.”
“What do you mean?” asked Willa, peering at Kol up ahead.
Swo gestured around them. “Our last mission. That was the deal, right? I take you to the Lord-Saber, and then we’re done.”
Willa smirked. “We’ve been through way too much for this to be it. Obviously, once the Saber is safe, I’ll leave being a Jedi and then we can be together.”
The words sounded so simple, but they weren’t at all simple to Swo. Together? He almost didn’t believe it.
“Hurry!” exclaimed Kol.
They hurried. And then they were rudely interrupted. By none other than an explosion that sent Kol flying back and banging against a wall, his body going limp when his neck broke on impact.
Swo and Willa were slammed against a less rocky wall, and their collision was softened by the snow.
Almost in slow motion, a black cloak swept across the top of lava that poured down from the exploded rocks. The shape walked above the lava, floating. In the smoke, a double red bladed lightsaber ignited and crackled in the echoing cave. The figure came down to stand on the icy rock that cooled and hardened the lava when they touched. The Sith Lord stood in front of the orange glow and reached for it.
Willa managed to stand as Swo was still coming to consciousness. “I can’t let you take that.”
Darth Manta paused and lowered his outstretched hand to grip his own saber. “Who speaks?” he said in a gravelly, yet soft voice that was calming and unnerving at the same time.
As sparks from the explosion rained down on Willa’s head, creating almost a halo around her, she said while igniting her blue light blade, “I am Willa Breezestone. Soft as the breeze, hard as the stone.”
Swo became conscious in the exact moment. “She’s so cool,” he mumbled, smiling through the blood that ran down his face.
Manta turned around slowly. He had no mask like most Sith like to wear, but instead just a hood and a grinning face. He had pure red eyes and a short brown beard. “Well then, Willa Breezestone, this is were you die!” He lunged at her with his lightsaber blades crackling loudly.
Willa dodged his first attack and then came around back to cut off some of his cloak’s sleeve. Manta dodged her blade easily, but she was having more trouble getting away from him. His two Lord-Saber blades were fueling him with a kind of unnatural rage.
The final blade was right behind Willa, and when she turned around to It, Its glow mystified her. It floated in the back of the cave, suspended by tendrils of multicolored lightning that sparked with every color of a Jedi or Sith. Blue, green, purple, orange, red, yellow, and white. It was the longest blade in the Saber, and the tip of It almost grazed the ceiling. She had to get to It before Manta, but It was also an extremely powerful weapon that could be an asset.
“I see what you’ve been distracted by,” said Manta, leering toward the Saber next to Willa.
She looked back at him, and smirked. “I’ve handled all three blades before and destroyed this planet. You think you can really stop me from doing the same to you.” Willa was trying her best not to lose her head with all of this irresistible power around her.
Manta’s grin turned into a scowl and his eyes pulsed red.
She spun around and pushed her hand through the lightning, grabbing the silver hilt and pulling the Saber through. It turned blue in her hands. She disengaged and tossed her other blade to the ground, getting into a fighting pose with the final Lord-Saber blade.
The Sith rushed at her and the Lord-Sabers clashed with each other, sending out a rainbow of sparks. “I still have the upper hand!” He yelled, pushing his blade harder against hers. The other one inched closer and closer to her leg.
Willa jumped backwards and ended that duel. “But I still have my mind. You’ve been corrupted, while letting everyone think you’re the most powerful Force-Wielder ever.”
“I AM!” Manta screamed, lunging again, but it seemed like a sloppy attack. Willa jumped out of the way quickly.
“You missed!” she taunted.
Manta turned around, smiling horribly. “No. I didn’t.” His blades weren’t in his hands.
Willa’s eyes widened and she looked behind her with a gasp. The red Saber was stuck in the ground right behind her. Manta reached out his hand and used the Force to bring it to him before she had a chance to think about what was happening. It flew to him and went right through her already broken leg. She fell to ground in a heap.
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2 months ago
WHAT THE HECK! I don't have any words to describe how I'm feeling right now! AHHHHH! This is just so... What a cliffhanger. Oh and um...Kol's dead?
2 months ago
Only one more?
Is there gonna be an epilogue?
2 months ago
Nope, this thing’ll end VERY suddenly! I’m hoping to leave y’all in shock!

But, the next book will start pretty soon after that, so yeah
2 months ago
Oh, wonderful! I can't wait! (I'm saying that sarcastically but kinda not I mean I am exited)
2 months ago
really, you really just gave us this after the LIU chapter
hit me like a brick
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