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What If . . . (MB Edition) Justy and Wiz Got in a Fight?
Published 4 months ago
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You all know Justy and Wiz, arguably the greatest friends here on MB. But what would happen if they started arguing, got in a fight even? Would sides start to form? Who would win? This is what we will find out today . . .

“Hurry, move, move, they’re coming!” Slim shouted from where he stood atop the brace of one of their many catapults.
Around him, fellow MB users fluttered around, loading catapults, checking armor and weapons and diving into cover. Across the wide expanse of W.E.I.R.D Club Park, he could see several ballistae and other similar weapons of war. Then he noticed where the ballistae was aimed.
“Take cover!” He screamed, moving to jump but was too slow, a large projectile flew into the catapult, shattering the wood and sending splinters into the surrounding crowd. Slim went flying and landed in a tree, unconscious, at least for now. (REALLY sorry Slim)

Across the way, arming the ballista sat KoA, his eyes full of gleeful malevolence.
“Haha, take that!” He shouted, excitedly reloading the ballista and aiming.
“Oh shut up.” Responded Starborn, clearly annoyed.
Beside them sat JC, carefully loading a bazooka. From behind them they heard a call.
“Get a move one you kombucha drinking maggots! Are the bots ready Barbara?”
“Yessir! They are ready for battle Supreme Dictator Lord The High One Who Controls it all Justy!” He shouted.
“Well then get them in place, we don’t have all day.”
A large Justy-Bot dropper ship was procured from out of the trees, looking tauntingly like a giant bottle of kombucha.
“Oh yes.” Started Justy, a large sadistic smile spreading across his face, “Let the games begin.”

“Slim’s down! I repeat, Slim is down!” Shouted Why, running around frantically.
“Keep your head together or you’ll get us all killed.” Was Stat’s response, moving swiftly over to a catapult.
“Sir, requesting permission to being the attack.” Called FB from where he sat mounted on his trusted steed alongside NC and Dragon_Rider.
“Permission granted.” Wiz responded.
“Let’s move, move.” FB and the others charged out into the field, swords, pikes and lightsabers catching the sun.
“Sebastion and Sebachie you know what to do.”
The two Sebs mounted their hoverboards and rose into the air, one with a lasso, the other with a bow.
All was quiet then as preparations were made and they all waited nervously for the moment they knew would come.
It was the crescendo, before the fall.
The two sides met in the middle of the field, FB and his team against the Justy-bots. Even as the crashed into each other, catapults and ballistas were fired, filling the air with loud crunches and bangs as the projectiles found their marks. The Sebs had managed to reach the opposing side and were now locked in combat with Stat and Starborn.
It was chaos, maddening insanity as they all fought for their very survival. Bodies lay strewn everywhere, killed by their own friends in a desperate fight for survival.
Then, even when it seemed as though all was lost, that the pure insanity of the fight would prevail over the two sides, a loud bong was heard. It resonated through the park, everyone stopped as a new side entered the battle, led by none other than Lax. He held two blasters, eyes hard and cold. Behind him stood LM and Leatho, their own weapons brandished.
“For the good of MB!” Shouted Lax, charging.
The rest of his team followed suite, Astro and Moonlight ripping out lightsabers as they stumbled down the hill. They tore through, executing anyone who refused to lay down their weapons. KoA, facing defeat leaped down from his ballista as Lax and LM reached the camp.
“Lay down your weapons and no one has to get hurt!” Lax yelled, daring anyone to challenge him. They all did as was asked, except for one.
“No.” Justy stood, knives gleaming in the sunlight as he faced the two of them.
“What do you mean no?” LM asked.
“I mean, that I refuse to surrender.”
Suddenly, Barbara leaped from where he stood and tackled LM to the ground, his sword skidding away as he kicked and punched furiously.
Lax and Justy stood face to face, waiting for the other to move, Justy did first.
“For my knives!” He shouted, hurling the object in question directly at Lax.
Lax dove out of the way, avoiding the major blow but still suffering a hit to his shoulder from one of the thrown knives. Regaining his feet he grabbed hold of the knife and ripped it out, tossing it on the ground as if it was no more than a chew toy, meant for dogs. He opened fire, downing Justy in an instant.
Behind him LM stood shakily, Barbara lay in a heap beside him. Across the field it seemed as if Leatho had subdued Wiz.
Lax advanced towards Justy, sadness etched across his face.
“We were friends you and I. You didn’t have to do this.” He said, gazing at his fallen friend.
“I don’t regret anything.” Stammered Justy through gritted teeth.
“You’ll be put away for this you know, for a long time.” Justy nodded,
“You have rightfully beat me, I will go.” Lax nodded, turning and addressing all.
“MB is a place of peace, anyone who disregards this will be punished. You will all atone for your crimes in due time.” With that he turned and walked off.

Note: I started writing this before Lax left, hence he was included. I’m not trying to have Justy and Wiz be the main characters, they just turned out to be them in this and the last one. I hope you enjoyed! I’ll try to get the next one out soon but life’s busy so . . . Anyways, have a great day. God Bless.- ML
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4 months ago
That was quite enjoyable
very well written
4 months ago
"Begun... the Clown Wars have..."
4 months ago

**No "Clown" is better
4 months ago
Oh… my… gosh… that would be so EPIC in TV mini series format, like, seriously. The amount of users that would divide and the chaos that would create, it’d be an all out civil war!! Also, sebachi, the clown wars is better
4 months ago
that was sick!
4 months ago
@All- Thank you! Next chapter will come out when I think of something else soon! (But seriously, if you have any ideas, please pm me. I’ve run dry)
@Sebachie- XD
@NC- It totally would! Honesty, you could write a whole series about it, and it would never get old.
4 months ago
why do i have the feeling this has already happened before
4 months ago
Oh, forgot to mention, to view the other chapter(s soon) you can tap on ‘What If . . . (MB Edition)’ it should take you to the other chapter.
4 months ago
the best MB story I've read in a while!
(because it had me, of course. *smolders*)
4 months ago
to be honest, i wonder how they got all those heavy medieval weapons out there without losing fighting energy... wait, did you steal one of my trains?
4 months ago
Ummm, n- YOU’LL NEVER CATCH ME!!! HAHAHAHA *Deploys banana wings and flies to FranceMars*
4 months ago
*tries to chase after in the flying pumpcart*
3 months ago
It sure was entertaining, but as a Pacifist, I would probably just stand there and watch, with a big ol' bowl of croutons.
3 months ago
Wait... you're telling me if I stayed neutral I would have gotten croutons?


Where are my croutons, Wiz?
3 months ago
@leatho - can i have a Cesar salad with those croutons?
3 months ago
*lifts toppat*
3 months ago
Nothing is impossible, but it is improbable.
2 months ago
Is Lax still here guys?
2 months ago
No. He left.
(Shall his accomplishments and efforts be remembered)
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