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Chronicles of Juniper 1.1
Published 11 months ago
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Chronicles of Juniper / Chapter 1.1

It was almost dark, and quite cold in the silent streets of Juniper. Hidden in a small alley, Steven and Dwavnir were waiting. The only sound that could be heard for now was the lapping of the canal nearby.
- For how long have we been here? whispered Steven Fern through his helmet
- Be patient, my friend. They will come, answered Dwavnir.
- That’s not sure at all. Maybe they’ll take another itinerary.
- Yes, maybe… But we have studied the possibilities for hours, and we decided together that this was the most likely place to intercept them. Have faith, my friend.
- You’re right… It’s just that, you know, there are so many other Adventurers on this mission, and I really want to succeed.

They waited and waited again.
Four times they heard footsteps, but it was just random people passing by. The fifth time was different. Two silhouettes arrived, their hoods hiding their faces, but the way they moved silently was an unmistakable clue.
- I think it’s them, said Dwavnir.
- I think so too. Be ready, answered Steven.

When the two strangers were close enough, Dwavnir and Steven stepped out of the archway.
- <Malir, malir>! said one of the silhouettes with a soft but worried male voice – which meant “peace, peace” in elvish tongue.
- <Rea penfina can’mi tincana>, answered Dwavnir in elvish tongue, which meant: “we are friends, do not worry”.
- [still elvish] <You know our tongue? Who are you?> asked the same male voice
- [still elvish] <My name is Dwavnir and I am half-elf. We are here to protect you. Here is Steven Fern.>
- Sorry guys, but would you mind switching to common tongue? asked Steven.
The two hooded silhouettes nodded to confirm that they knew the “common tongue”, which was the tongue of men.
- How do you know that we would come? This was supposed to be a secret mission, said the second stranger, unmistakably a female voice.
- Secret, really? said Steven Fern. Well, the Captain of the City Guard came to the Adventurers Guild and asked for everyone who wanted a reward to look after two Elves. He said you needed to be protected until you reach the Castle, but not by official soldiers, rather by trustworthy bodyguards. So here we are.
- It is true that we are going to the Castle, we must meet your King for an important matter, said the female voice. Your help is appreciated. We do not know the city and these canals are a real maze for us.
- We will guide you, no problem, assured Dwavnir. I understand that your mission is secret business with the King, but could we at least know your names?
- Yes, for sure. My name is Awanel and my companion is Othern. We both come from Assal’Nimuria, that you call the Elven Coast. We sailed on the Majestic River.
- That’s a long travel! exclaimed Steven. But you will soon reach your goal. In less that half an hour, you will cross the doors of the Castle.
- This is very good news. Then let’s go, said Awanel. Should we expect any trouble?
- Oh, certainly not… answered Dwavnir
- We never know! answered Steven at the same time.
The two of them looked at each other (at least, Dwavnir looked at Steven’s helmet) and laughed. Awanel seemed puzzled.
- It depends, explained Dwavnir. If the Adventurers Guild alone is aware of your arrival, we’re good…
- But if the same news reached the Assassins Guild, continued Steven, you may be in danger.

The danger was real.
The danger was observing from a roof above.

**to be continued**

Next chapter will come soon!

Links to the characters:
Dwavnir, by Letgo12: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/eDvVX3ed2BR
Steven Fern, by KnightofElabor: https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/X8jOVXWL2YJ
The Shadow, by atomicfart2009: https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/r121kbmrvlB

If you want to create characters, I will include them as soon as possible in the story.

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it.
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11 months ago
Dude this is great!!! I especially like that last line. Seriously, it gave me chills.
Also, Steven's personality is exactly how I imagined it

Can't wait for chapter 2!!!
11 months ago
Thank you all for these positive comments !
I hope that I can publish the next chapter in 2020, which leaves me one week
11 months ago
Is it too late to publish mine?
11 months ago
@Lax: not at all, please do!
I am looking for new heroes to further develop the story. Chapters 1.2 and 1.3 should be with the same ones, but as of 2.1 I could include him.
11 months ago
Ok, thanks! I still have to work on the bio and name though.
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