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Poll: Which Director? (Part 2)
Published 2 months ago
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Here are some of the next-best filmmakers out there: Peter Jackson (middle), Wes Anderson (middle-left), James Cameron (far left), Robert Zemeckis (middle-right) and Doug Liman (far right).

Some outstanding movies (and shows) by Peter Jackson:

- Middle-Earth (1-6)
- The Beatles: Get Back (Disney+)
- King Kong (2005)

Some outstanding movies by Wes Anderson:

- Isle of Dogs
- Fantastic Mr. Fox

Some outstanding movies by James Cameron:

- Terminator (1-2)*
- Avatar (2009)

Some outstanding movies by Robert Zemeckis:

- Forrest Gump
- Cast Away (2000)
- Back to the Future (Parts I-III)
- The Polar Express**

Some outstanding movies by Doug Liman:***

- Edge of Tomorrow
- The Bourne Identity

Out of the 5 directors, which is your favorite?

Peter Jackson: 4 votes
Wes Anderson: 0 votes
James Cameron: 3 votes
Robert Zemeckis: 1 vote
Doug Liman: 1 vote

*T2 is one of my favorite movies of all time. So…James gets a special mention.

**And all the other creepy motion-capture movies from your childhood.

***He also directed Jumper. But honestly, that movie was terrible. I blame Hayden!
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2 months ago
I know I am like gone but I gotta say Peter Jackson
2 months ago
ima go back to the man cave of no return adios
2 months ago
Deborah Chow!! *COUGH COUGH* i mean… Doug Liman.
2 months ago
I'll have to go with James Cameron, just because of his support on Laser Cats.
2 months ago
NCATZ - The dudette who directed a few episodes of The Mandalorian? Riiiight, she’s obviously the best director of all time… °-° But I respect your Doug Liman choice! I didn’t think anyone would vote for him.

Justy -
2 months ago
Hmm… Robert Zemeckis
2 months ago
Where is who framed Roger Rabbit???????!!!!!!!!
Where is it?
I’ll vote for Peter Jackson just because I’m a big fan of the lord of the rings
Second place for Robert Zemeckis (back to the future 1, Forrest Gump and who framed Roger Rabbit)
I still think that Roger Rabbit deserves a mention
1 month ago
Uh, James Cameron. (Most of these I haven't watched though.
)And also Wiz, Deborah Chow also directed all of the Obi-Wan series too. That was better than Boba Fett though, which, wasn't the best Disney+ show. But anyway, doing James Cameron.
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