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Force Training with Jedi Master Revan
Published 9 months ago
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Hey Guys, i've decided to return to my original Jedi Temple mega project, but this time, i'm going to make a my own version. It will look like the Jedi Temple in some aspects, but it is entirely MY DESIGN.

A quick shout out to "Wynter_Studios02's MOC; Me as a Jedi Sira Lunelle (sorry if i spelled that wrong!)" That gave me the inspiration to create this. The One with the Yellow Lightsaber is who i think i would be, and the Jedi next to me is Revan after he turned back to the light side through his wife's love, Bastila Shan. If you're wondering why there are the small Green dots in the air, i put those to make it look like i was using the force. (like in the Lego Star Wars TCS game) Just letting you guys know, the Jedi Temple is probably going to take me a couple MONTHS to complete, as it is going to be HUGE, and i mean HUGE! So far, i have completed 1 of the 5 towers as well as the entrance. I am starting the main hallway and the Jedi Archives.
Hope you like it and THANK YOU "Wynter_Studios02"
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9 months ago
It's awesome!!

You're welcome, I'm glad I gave you inspiration!

THE JEDI TEMPLE?? That's gonna be awesome! Can't wait to see!
9 months ago
Yes, I'm working on it. Probably going to take a long time to build. Its HUGE.
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