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4 Wesley Package Examples
Published 1 month ago
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Mentioned earlier, the Wesley Universal Tracked Vehicle could play a variety of roles. A few examples are shown above.

(From Left to Right)

Armored Personal Carrier Package:
The APC Package for the Wesley is a basic design. It has room to fit 6 Soldiers comfortably not including the driver. It is armed with a driver-controlled 14mm Auto Cannon Turret. The Vehicle has doors the swing upward on the left and right and a read door that opens downwards in the back with a ladder that slides out for Boarding.

Anti Aircraft Package:
The Anti Air Package is essentially a Mobile Anti Air site, armed with a Dual 30mm Rapid Fire Autocannon Turret and a 50mm Missile Launcher, which uses interchangeable missiles, Laser Guided missiles for defense against Enemy Armor, and Heat Seeking Missiles for more potent Anti Air responses. Its main feature is the large radar dish that provides a clear mapping of enemy locations when interference is minimal. Due to the huge lack of armor and protection, the Anti Air package will more often stay behind Friendly Lines, though it is capable of defending itself in a combat zone. This vehicle is crewed bu only three: The Driver, the Gunner, and the Loader

Mobile Heavy Artillery Package:
The Mobile Heavy Artillery Package is a what it says it is. Its a mobile heavy artillery gun. It makes use of a scaled down version of the 225mm Defense Cannons that are seen around Kriegsbrick. It even uses the same Platform. The Vehicle is almost exclusively placed a few miles from the combat zone and remains in a stationary position as it rain's 255mm's of death onto any targets that are called. To compensate for the ungodly recoil the vehicle uses, it has two stabilization legs that extend from the back to compensate. The vehicle can carry up to 9 Shells in boxes while still being able to carry its whole crew of 4 (not including the driver) with relative ease, but often will also tow a Trailer with more shells. Often, these artillery behemoths are deployed in threes or fours to maximize destructive capabilities and heavy suppressive capabilities.

Assault Gun Package:
The Assault Gun is a heavy tank killer version of the Wesley. It makes use of a 90mm Anti Tank Gun, this gun cannot be turned independently of the vehicle, however the stopping power of the gun and the relative cheapness of the package makes it more than a fair tradeoff. The Vehicle can carry up to 13 Shells on racks on the walls, and is crewed by a team of 4, including the Driver. It is also equipped with a 14.5mm Machine Gun, which makes use of a periscope sight, allowing it to be operated while it's user remains in the relative safety of the armored hull. The 90mm Cannon can be switched for a much stubbier 75mm Cannon that allows the vehicle to be more maneuverable in tight spaces at the cost of some stopping power. The vehicle features a rear dropping door similar to the one on the APC Package that allows easy boarding of the vehicle. One disadvantage of this vehicle is it's open roof, which leaves it exposed to enemy fire from above.
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