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Le magnifique~! *chef kiss*
Published 6 months ago
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I present to you, a lemon pepper rotisserie chicken, resting on a bed of Romaine Lettuce, slightly drizzled with a homemade Lemon pepper dressing and sauce with a side of chicken broth ramen~ the taste of the chicken is a mix of sweet and salty with a hint of spice, the lettuce has a nice crunch and the dressing is perfectly seasoned to boost the flavor of the chicken. The ramen is homemade noodles, cooked to perfection with a topping of Narutomaki and a few slices of the rotisserie chicken to accompany the broth. the broth is warm, salty, and light taste.

for our dessert I present three Red velvet cupcakes with nutmeg and butter crème frosting. the icing is sweet with a light hint of cinnamon, a perfect combo with the red velvet cake, inside each cupcake are white chocolate chips.

I hope you enjoyed the meal I present to you, cole08 *small bow*
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6 months ago
Sounds like you need a restaurant!
6 months ago
heh, Thanks. It used to be my dream but I don't know which culinary school to look into going to
6 months ago
Sweet! I've been eyeing cooking as a possible career myself!
Yeah, culinary school can be pretty expensive
however, you can find a lot of informational culinary content on Youtube.
6 months ago
mhm, one of the many channels I like to watch is Binging with Babish, i hope to one day cook as good as I'd like to
6 months ago
Yeah, Binging with Babish is really fun to watch!
I few of my favourites are Joshwu Weisman and Preppy kitchen.
I wish you luck!
6 months ago
Hmm... delicious!
6 months ago
But of course! I love your meal!
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