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The Mandobricks Clan
Published 1 month ago
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Yep, it's finally here!
The MandoBricks Clan, after many days of late nights and early mornings, (I can't say that my homework pile hasn't gotten any smaller) it is finished!
This is the hideout of the MandoBricks Clan (The Mandalorians of Mecabricks), it's basically the group model of all the Mandalorians. It's got (I think) everyone who has made a Mandalorian version of themself. Those people include:
-MOCmaster (Me)

Feel free to make one yourself, post the link here and I'll add you!
smiling face with open mouth
Also, you might want to go in editor to look around more easily!
Sorry I haven't posted stuff for a while, I was really busy with this! Hopefully I'll get back to some new lego products I'll be working on <me looking at my forever increasing pile of homework smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat>

I hope you like it!
smiling face with open mouth
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1 month ago

Thanks for including meh!

(i see i'm eatin'/makin' soup :3)
1 month ago
Nice! Thanks for adding me. Just don’t work too hard!
1 month ago
Not that is awesome.
I gotta make me.
1 month ago
Anytime bud!

Maybe the soup is for baby Yoda?
1 month ago
Thanks IB!

Don't worry it'll only be for the younglings!
1 month ago
Thanks BrickBot!

I still can't wait to see yours!
1 month ago
He could be like, hurt or something
1 month ago
Thanks for adding me!

Even though I can't find myself...
1 month ago
A tip for anyone who can't find themselves:
Go into EDITOR.
Select the group titled 'The Hideout'.
Press 'H'.
Now it's easier to find yourself.
1 month ago
Dang, MM this is insanely awesome!
4 weeks ago
Thank you everyone!

j2:Anytime, I was going to add the training one, but the training room is kinda full, also there can't be two j2fams! XD!
CB:Sure thing, your training with LegoWilderness
P_3:You're dealing with a major breach in the hideout, towards the back!
Jman:Thanks! Feel free to make your own Mandalorian, and I'll add you!
4 weeks ago
Okay, I just think it would be nicer if there were no walls. But I really like the build!
4 weeks ago
awesome! you did an amazing job, MOCmaster! take care of yourself, too. do your homework! *looks at all the homework i didn't do* oh, wait...
4 weeks ago
Thanks Python!

Don't worry all I got is languages left!
4 weeks ago
MOCmaster: languageS? how many languages do you take?
4 weeks ago
Only one, I accidently put an 's' at the end!
4 weeks ago

I love the entire thing! All of the Minifigure positions, (Me in it
), the 'Hideout' build, and it's incredible'ness! (
) It's all AWESOME! :+:
4 weeks ago
Thanks very much L_L!

4 weeks ago
Can you make a render that shows me and how laid back I am?
3 weeks ago
all i can ssay is just... NOICE!
3 weeks ago
hiyall, anyone like parties?
because Phantom E is hosting a party!

Dress code: whatever the heck you want!

Deadline: uh, soon. He didn't specify. You'd best do it within a few days.

Just send PM him your minifigure for the party. He's going to compile a bunch of them together into one final build.
3 weeks ago
Thanks Intermet179!

And T_P_O this is not the place to promote a party which isn't even yours!
3 weeks ago
Thanks to me, or him?
3 weeks ago
Wait.... What is Phantom doing - is that a toilet?
3 weeks ago
He's dealing with a dangerous creature that has gotten into our hideout, because he's the bravest! (In the toilet)!
3 weeks ago
@MOCMaster you can just call me Intermet to keep it short
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