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Taron Malicos (SWJ: Fallen Order) Custom
Published 2 years ago
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Here's a custom I've been wanting to make since I fought him in the game...
It's TARON MALICOS, from the video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. He's known as one of the boss fights you have to do in the game. I have the game, so i can just type the description of Taron Malicos....Maybe. Welp, Might as well. Here we go...

"Once a formidable Jedi General, Malicos escaped the horrific purge of Order 66. A trained motivator and cunning tactician, he maintains a composed demeanor during combat, but will strike with ferocity and deliberate precision. Full of surprises, he utilizes his mastery of the Force with an extended assault, or as a precursor to his lightsaber attack, including a combination of dual blades."

Well, there ya have it. Taron Malicos as a lego minifig. Peace out.

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2 years ago
NICE. Looks just like the dude in the game.
2 years ago
Wow, he looks fantastic! I think he needs a bigger beard though...
2 years ago
Surprised they didnt make a swole meme with him. He could compete with the mighty ben swolo XD
2 years ago

(I know you're going to ignore me, so... You're welcome.)
2 years ago
Nice! I have literally no clue who that is, but I'm just going to go with it and say he looks cool.
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