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The Fast & The Furious Dom's Offroad Dodge Charger R/T 1970
Published 1 year ago
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I borrowed the idea from the user tigertvi,and I plan to put my own spin on it.I am sorry and please accept my apology.You should also check out tigertvi's channel.
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12 months ago
This MOC was stolen from a user with a nickname tigertvi.
12 months ago
Hey, man, have you thought about the fact that putting out a rework of someone else's model without specifying the author is not very good? I would be happy if you would specify my nickname in the discription.
12 months ago
Oh, you stole this...
...next time you should really give credit to the original creator!
Awesome model tigertvi!
12 months ago
Hey, Vladimir Lenin,SHUT UP!!! I didn't mean to,GOD!!!I'm only 13 years old.I'm sorry,just SHUT UP!!!
12 months ago
Hey Vladimir Lenin,you don't even HAVE any MOCS.So be QUIET!!!!
12 months ago
That's rude!
Even for the situation they put you in!
12 months ago
i started to write nicknames of the original authors in the comments, check it out
12 months ago
by the way, jbroac, you stole not an idea, but a finished (very bad) alteration of a person with a nickname musclecarbuilder. you did nothing yourself
12 months ago
so what you wrote in the description is a lie
12 months ago
HEY,ummmm...I'm sorry for being rude.I just started this account.And I haven't really been able to edit the designs because of school and all that.I'm sorry,but there is NO reason to be rude back.I am sorry about my comments,please accept my apology.I will try to make sure I give credit to all the creators,so please don't be rude.I'm very sorry and I did not mean to be rude to you Vladimir Lenin.
Although,I'm not that good at designing things yet,so that's why I borrowed the designs.I really hope you understand.I get the joke about your user Vladimir Lenin.As soon as possible,I am going to take down ALL of the MOCS and give all credit to their designers.
12 months ago
In did NOT know about the guy musclecarbuilder,please accept my apology.I thought the original design WAS from tigertvi,so...yeah.The 1969 Dodge Charger R/T is my dream car,that's why I borrowed the idea.Please understand.I will not be rude anymore,and I will fix everything.PROMISE.
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