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Der Silberpanzer (I in SSB:M)
Published 10 months ago
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Yes, Tis i in this thingy Bishop is doing.

The weight i make is around a Medium.

My attack Speeds differ greatly :
-When swinging my beefed Prosthetic arm, the speed is slow, but the attack will be a devastating blow.
-There is also a Machine Gun in the Prosthetic that delivers a rapid burst pver a short time dealing heavy damage to a target before undergoing a 6 second cooldown.
-My revolver is a fast ranged attack that deals moderate damage, but after 6 shots i must reload, causing a cooldown effect that can last from 5-7 seconds.

My strengths include having the armor, meaning i can soak up quite a few hits, and then i can hit back hard.

My weaknesses are that my arm swinging attack is slow, and that my guns undergo a cooldown effect before being able to resume fire.
Also, theres a chip under the plate on my back that is allergic to being wet, how to pry the plate off is anyones guess.

My fall speed is medium, and my general movement speed is medium.

Also, i can preform up to a quadruple jump due to short-burst jets in my Boots.
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10 months ago
Now that i think about it, my machine gun arm is a little bit like the arm Crow from Nefarious uses.
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