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Incom H-FP-1 Stardirk Corvette
Published 1 year ago
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During the middle-years of the rebellion, it was reasoned that those who knew the most about killing rebel starfighters were the designers of said rebel starfighters. The Stardirk is one of Incom's few attempts to step outside the starfighter market designed during the company's brief imperialization, with oversight from specialists from Kuat Drive Yards. The brief was a fast, all-round ship intended for anti-starfighter duty and corvette hunting, able to operate independently from large imperial fleets. However, the vessel's design process was long, laborious and frequently over-budget, becoming a black hole of resources and funds for the company. Imperial high command chalked this up to incompetence, but in reality, rebel sympathizers were deliberately frustrating progress.

When the Stardirk project was finally abandoned in favour of KDY's Raider-Class Corvette, the handful of prototypes were put in storage and theoretically mothballed. In reality, these vessels were undergoing secretive restoration, pouring all the resources previously declared missing into making the ships combat-ready. Only one or two Stardirk Corvettes would slip out of the company's warehouses over the years following the Battle of Endor, but the rest would not languish long: Incom-Freitek publically debuted the Stardirk less than two months after its release from imperial hands.

While the ships are a rarity these days thanks to their limited production run, their speed, sensor capabilities and impressive shield strength makes them well-liked by their crews, and they are still widely-supported by Incom Engineers to this day.

Renders available at https://imgur.com/a/eRhEVC5
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1 year ago
The model looks good, but the lore is absolutely fantastic. Good job all around!
1 year ago
get a rendering for this
1 year ago
1.) This isn't canon, and neither are most of my models. The styles I try to emulate are, and I usually try and loop in as much canon as possible when developing lore.

1 year ago
The renders are sooo cool
1 year ago
I am a kid and I do it
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