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Brainiac’s Revenge: Season 2: Episode 1: Brainiac is Back!
Published 2 years ago
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Sorry for the delay but Brainiac's Revenge Season 2: Episode 1 and Time Squad Chapter 1 are finally out.

Original Description:

Here’s the first episode of season 2 of Brainiac’s Revenge, It’s released among with the first chapter of my new story called Time Squad.

Reece: We have some peace cause Brainiac and Chen are gone.

TheRealChonkey: We do!

j2fam77: I miss TheSpyderBrick, He was a good friend of mine.

Reece: Me too, Cause he had to sacrifice for us to defeat Brainiac, Chen and their mini versions 5 months ago.

MOCmaster: It was 5 months ago.


TheRealChonkey: You said that a new hero will join us.

Reece: I still remember it, The new member is on the door.

TheRealChonkey: You will open the door and reveal the person’s name.

Reece: Sure.

MOCmaster: I think it’s a big surprise.

Reece: Hello, You’re the new member.

???: Hello, My name is ChuckZillaTime.

Reece: The new member’s name is ChuckZillaTime.

ChuckZillaTime: Allow me to include myself.

Reece: Sure.

ChuckZillaTime: Hello, I’m ChuckZillaTime, A KFOL, On the same website this story is on, I made up a saga that I stole TheRealChonkey’s brick with MOCmaster then Reece and TheRealChonkey got the brick back and defeated me and MOCmaster.

Reece: Did you just broke the fourth wall!

ChuckZillaTime: I did.

Reece: Anyways we can go to Brainiac’s headquarters and steal some of his stuff to upgrade our ship called the Ninjacopter.

LegoCommanderBacara: I hope Brainiac isn’t there.

(Meanwhile in Prison)

Brainiac: Ugh! The heroes are so annoying that we need to get rid of them.

Chen: They forgot to take your Brainiac Phone and it has a button to destroy stuff.

Brainiac: It’s time to use it!

(A few moments later)

Brainiac and Chen: We are free now!

Brainiac: We can go back to our headquarters now!

Police Officers: Someone broke out and destroyed our security!

Prisoners: We’re free!

Police Officers: NO!

(At Brainiac’s Headquarters)

Reece: We’re here now.

j2fam77: Oh no! Brainiac has broke out! Fortunately he isn’t here yet so we can start our mission no...

Brainiac: We’re here and you are here to steal some of my parts to upgrade your awful ship!

Reece: Me, j2fam77 and TheRealChonkey will try to steal some parts while MOCmaster, ChuckZillaTime and LegoCommanderBacara will fight Brainiac and Chen.

MOCmaster: Don’t worry, He can be gone by the time you got some parts.

Reece: Hopefully.

TheRealChonkey: I found the remains of Mine, Reece, and LegoCommanderBacara‘s old ship.

Reece: We had it when we first went to the Prime Empire when the Ninja, Scott and Okino were surrendered by the villains then we saved them but the Millennium Falcon crashed to defeat the villains but at least it saved the day.

TheRealChonkey: I still remember it.

j2fam77: We could use the remains to upgrade our ship.

Reece: Can we have 1 last flight?

j2fam77: Ok, but only if it works, Also when did it come here?

Reece: I think that Brainiac doesn’t want vehicles to be in shrinked planets so I think when he shrinked Prime Empire then the Millennium Falcon landed here.

MOCmaster: You can’t defeat us cause we defeated you last time.

Brainiac: Me and Chen can with my ultra-rare Brainiac Phone!

ChuckZillaTime: You can’t stop us at all even with your Brainiac Phone!

Brainiac and Chen We can!

MOCmaster, ChuckZillaTime and LegoCommanderBacara: REALLY!

Brainiac and Chen: FIGHT!

MOCmaster: Oh no! If Brainiac has his Brainiac Phone then we will lose!

ChuckZillaTime: I hope he doesn’t capture us!

Brainiac: I can!

MOCmaster: We have to avoid him!

LegoCommanderBacara: We can attack him!

Brainiac: HA! YOU MISSED ME!

MOCmaster: RU..!

Brainiac: Ha! I captured you lot now!

Reece: It’s time for my final flight on the Millennium Falcon!

Brainiac: RUN!

Reece: You can run but not for long!

Brainiac: NOOOO!

Reece: It’s time that I free you all!

MOCmaster: Thanks!

LegoCommanderBacara: Phew! I thought we will never be free.

Reece: Brainiac is defeated at least for now.

All of the heroes: Let’s go home now.

(A few moments later at Brainiac’s Headquarters)

Brainiac: We need to set up a plan to defeat these annoying heroes.

Chen: What is it?

Brainiac: Step 1. Get some more villains! Step 2. Download even more apps to my Brainiac Phone! Step 3. Make a robot that has all of the features of my Brainiac Phone. Step 4. Make a Time Machine. Step 5. Try to erase the Heroes from existing. Step 6. Celebrate the victory with a party.

Chen: Great idea!

Brainiac: It’s time for our plan to begin!

To be continued in Episode 2?
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