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Invulnerable-Class Cruiser
Published 1 year ago
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The practice of downsizing older ship designs was a familiar practice to the Galactic Republic, and in particular, Rendili Star Drives. The separatist Providence-class cruisers, in which Rendili had a significant hand, was designed and offered in two drastically-different sizes. Earlier than this, the dreadnought-class heavy cruiser of Katana-Fleet fame could trace its design lineage back to a scaled-down Mandalorian Kandosii warship. However, this practice was not exclusive to Rendili, nor were they the first to do it.

Vaufthau Shipyards had collaborated with Rendili to produce the two-kilometer long Invincible-Class over three millenia before the Battle of Yavin. While imposing and effective on their debut, they were underpowered, overcrewed and soon proved ineffective against smaller vessels and starfighters. A few centuries later, Vaufthau would try again with a clean sheet, bringing in Corellian engineers to design a smaller successor to the Invincible.

Clocking in at just over nine hundred metres, the Invulnerable-class heavy cruiser was built around a heavily reinforced and nigh-indestructible central spine, giving the vessel impressive durability in theory. However, many of the components were substandard: half the drives were auxiliaries bolted on when the main system was revealed to be underpowered, and the innovative double-reactor proved temperamental and inefficient. While the ship's core elements were robust, the complexity of individual subsystems meant damaged sections often had to be stripped back to the spine and rebuilt from scratch. Once Rendili's much more robust Dreadnought was released onto the market, there were no two identical ships of the Invulnerable class in the Republic Navy. Come the Clone Wars, some of these ships would see action but most would just be retired, sold off or even just discarded into boneyards, where pragmatic rebel agents would eventually tag them as semi-usable vessels in later years.

The two Invulnerable-Class heavy cruisers demonstrate the diversity in loadout and designs these ships have accreted over their long service lives. 'Beast of Bracca' on the left sports a purely offensive bearing, retaining its forward missile launchers and tenuously supporting a total of eight heavy turbolasers. 'Katana 2-2' is a carrier: more recent refits make the ship a little more capable, with overhauled drives, a new reactor, lighter and more reliable armaments and a formidable hangar bay.

(This was another lockdown build cobbled together from Saturn 5 Lunar Lander parts and other pieces, with the original build on the far left. Renders available at https://imgur.com/a/qgC3IkG )
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1 year ago
I really like these!
1 year ago
Is it possible I could copy and make my own version of these (I would credit you of course.)
1 year ago
The name says it all...
1 year ago
@Graeca go for it! The core structure of the model is fairly simple once you strip away the flim-flam and the extras, so should lend itself well to modification. I'd be curious to see what you come up with, and feel free to drop a link to the result in the comments.

@DrPepper you're not exactly wrong: there's a 2-by-12 that runs most of the length of the model, so it's got a strong backbone. Buuut it's not hard to knock bits off, hence the ships themselves tend to spend a lot of their life in drydock under repair. They're invulnerable because you can't break the spine, but often you don't need to do that to take them out of action.
1 year ago
Are they very poorly built? ( the ships, not your model)
You said they are awakes in the docks under repair. Are they for military purposes?
1 year ago
As mentioned in the lore description, yes, they're poorly built, or rather poorly designed. Certain areas, for example the smaller engines, weren't as securely built into the structure as they should have been. Also, the entire ship was built without much thought to modularity or part replacement, so damaged sections would need to be entirely removed. Going back to those smaller engines, if one of these engines was damaged, they'd need to take out not only the whole engine but a huge amount of extra wiring and power systems with it. And because the ships weren't designed for these things to be easily replaced, you'd need to rebuild all those engine and power systems from scratch.

And yeah, these are military ships, intended for the Old Republic Navy. The idea was that these were scaled down versions of the Invincible-Class dreadnought (Linked here: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Invincible-class_Dreadnaught_Heavy_Cruiser) and were intended to serve as tanky brawler ships. Buuut given the Invulnerable-Class ships were a pain to repair, they were abandoned pretty quickly once better alternatives turned up.
1 year ago
Can I use these?
I want to custom one sooo bad.
1 year ago
@DrPepper go for it! And feel free to drop a link in here when done, I'd be curious to see your results (And might even incorporate it into a project I have coming up)
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