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Nathan Ripline
Published 1 month ago
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Name: Nathan Ripline

Age: 16

Appearance: His hair is dark, and often has a slightly crooked smile. Usually seems fairly relaxed, and is always clean shaven.

, three words is hard… ok… um… Energetic, controlled, and persuasive.

Side: Leans towards justice, however he doesn’t usually mind switching sides for a good sized prize.

Other Stuff: Is a pilot, and loves flying fast. Hates politics and government, loves people, loves collecting rare jewels. Is extremely loyal to his starfighter, the 0-14 Sniper.

P.S. If you want me to build the 0-14 Sniper, just for illustration, I can most certainly try. No promises that it will be done quickly though

P.P.S. If you want a character to kill off, feel free to do so with this guy
. I wont be offended, it's your story.
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1 month ago
I’m pretty sure this is for my contest (when you commented it on my post, it didn’t work). Great! If I would add this character, he would definitely not be killed, lol.
1 month ago
(Also, I've never heard anyone say: "If you want a character to kill off, feel free to do so with this guy"
1 month ago
Nice character!!!
Great jumping hot dogs!
Now I know that tag is false. You wouldn't do that to your main character unless you're the author Ethel Turner . . . #WorstAuthorOnThePlanet
1 month ago
@Moonlight, Yes
, this was for you. And I guess that's good to hear

. I find that when characters die, it brings depth to the story. Especially if they die for a somewhat redemptive or noble cause.

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