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Arashi Kaze, Ace Archer and Aviator
Published 1 year ago
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Name: Arashi Kaze

Age: 13

Height: 5 ft

Hobbies: Archery, Cooking, Professional Musician, Ace Archer and Aviator

Weapon of Choice: Falcon Longbow and Bomb Arrows

Special Abilities: Skyward Strike (the ability to create an updraft that allows one to soar up amazing heights), Stasis (the power to freeze one or multiple things in time), Dusk Falls ( the ability to control the sky and all its properties [storms, lightning, etc.]), Divine Beast Vah Tetra (the Divine Helm [used by Arashi Kaze] grants the power to telepathically control Divine Beast Vah Tetra [coming soon], a massive mechanical falcon that maneuvers through the sky, but it leaves its user extremely weak, so it is usually only used in siege attacks and emergencies)

Personality: Cocky and headstrong, but still caring and honest, he has bent the rules many times to make sure the ones he loves are protected. He is sometimes mean and salty, and is full of his own abilities, but truly knows inside he's not as good as most. He is used to overworking himself and still is paranoid about most things.

Bio: He grew up well-off on a chilly mountain village, with many friends, and loved it. One fateful day though, a war on the mountain village took place, and measures were taken. Families, even some of Arashi's friends, left their homes, and some others died. Arashi was hardened and toughened by this change, and a few years later worked up to the village chief's musician. One day, he was assigned to look through the village records and found that they had no great hero that saved them in brutal war. Arashi saw this as his big chance, to stop that fateful, dark day from ever happening again. He worked up to the chief's royal guard, and fought through many harsh trials in order to do so. He used his wit and much needed strength to create the ability known as Skyward Strike. His newfound power made him well-known throughout his village, and he realized if he was to help his people, he would have to keep up his act. This made him defensive and proud. He created the Divine Helm and linked it to the Divine Beast Vah Tetra, so he could protect his people.

------------------------------------------TOWN INFO------------------------------------------

Home Village: Agaat Village

Population: Small

Known For: Special produce and meats

Leader: Chief Korga

Established in: 1037 AD

Hope you liked it! Unposed minifigure and hairpiece included. Enjoy!
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1 year ago
Wow that's very detailed!
Thanks, I will let you know as soon as I can introduce your character in the story (probably not before end of January for Chapter 2...)
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