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1 year on MecaBricks!
Published 10 months ago
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Yes, already 1 year since I joined the MB community...
Time flies.

My 1st project was a hangar for an imperial base, it made the front page but at that time I did not know what it meant

Then I made this Star Wars story in 4 parts (Corellia / Ozu / Lah'mu / Kijimi)... some vehicules, some minifigures for other Members... even 2 Quidditch teams... and more recently the 1st chapter of my "Chronicles of Juniper".

Not so many things, in fact

And now, what?

The "Chronicles of Juniper" will continue with a second chapter; I wanted to release it by end of January, but it will have to wait a few more weeks. I'll do it for sure, but I need more time to work on the story and the scenes.

A new Star Wars ship! Yes, I'm working on it... I'm happy with how it turns out but it's also far from being finished.

After that, we'll see!

Thank you to all the Members who have viewed and liked my projects, and participated in my "weekly challenges" (I might resume this some day!).
Thank you to all Members who propose new contests, new stories, new projects...
Long live MB
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10 months ago
Bravo! welcome to the "here for a year club"
10 months ago
That's long! Congrats on the milestone!
10 months ago

Really looking forward to where your stories are headed
They are so suspenseful and exciting
10 months ago
Congratulations (and clever model)!
My big day is coming up as well.
10 months ago
@Snap: Sounds so exciting! Just over a week from tomorrow!
10 months ago
Congrats bro! Sorry I haven't interacted with you much, you seam to be a great builder
10 months ago
@everyone: thank you for your comments
10 months ago
REALLY clever forced perspective.
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