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Chronicles of Juniper 1.3
Published 11 months ago
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Chronicles of Juniper / Chapter 1.3

(If you haven't read the previous chapter, here it is:

It was nearly dawn when Steven Fern heard six specific knocks at the door: three, then two, then one. The signal. A few seconds later, the side door of the warehouse opened and Dwavnir came in.
- I’m happy to see you alive, said Steven.
- Thank you. I really wanted to make sure that this scum was not following me, so I took an incredible number of detours. But now we must go and reach the castle.
- What, now? Maybe you should sleep a couple of hours, like our two elven friends over there.
- Dwarves do not need to sleep that much, said Dwavnir seriously.
- But you’re only half-Dwarf, aren’t you?
- Despite that helmet, I can see you smiling, you know? Now, wake up Awanel and Othern. It is our best chance to reach the castle without any further incident.
- All right, let’s go.

Five minutes later, the group of four was walking quickly through the streets towards the massive walls of the castle. They reached the East gate where three guards were already fully awake. They said they had to see the King, gave their names and motivations, then left their weapons in a box and one of the guards guided them through a maze of austere hallways, until they arrived in a more richly decorated antechamber. Half a dozen other people, alone or in small groups, were already waiting on several benches. Two of them were sleeping.

The guard talked to a secretary, handed him a scroll of paper, nodded and went away. The secretary approached and ask:
- Welcome to the King’s quarters. Please wait here while I inform the King and his Chancellor about your request. Depending on their goodwill, you may be received soon, or you may have to wait for a certain time. Make yourself comfortable.
- Excuse me, but would you mind informing the Captain of the City Guard about this interview? asked Steven in a sudden inspiration. I mean Captain Aldas Rethor, of course. Could he join us when we meet the King?
- Well, I will have him warned, answered the secretary with stiffness (he was surely not accustomed to be asked anything). But I cannot guarantee that he will come.
- The King will surely call for him when he hears our story, so if he’s already here, I’m sure that you will have the full gratitude of our Majesty. Don’t you think?
- Most certainly, acknowledged the secretary.
He walked through a large door guarded by a soldier in special outfit.

- What do you think of this winged helmet, Steven? asked Dwavnir. He would suit you perfectly.
- No way, I like mine better. This is a member of the Royal Guard, you know? One of the best soldiers in the kingdom… He must feel so bored to stand by this door…
- Maybe, but he knows that the King trusts him above all. Awanel, he continued after turning to the Elven lady, do you think that the King will consider your visit important enough to meet you quickly?
- I do think so. The wording of our request contains a special signal that he should recognize.

They waited for half an hour, during which the two Elves whispered to each other constantly. It was too low for Dwavnir to understand anything. He finally stopped trying and turned to Steven:
- What are you doing, friend?
- Just trying to guess why all the other people are here. It must be serious business, right?
- I guess so, otherwise the guards would have directed them to counselors instead. But they seem to be here since a long time… I would say at least since yesterday for the most part.
- I will never have the patience to wait that long! exclaimed Steven
- I know… smiled Dwavnir.

The guarded door opened, and the secretary came back.
- Lady Awanel, Sir Othern, Sir Dwavnir and Sir Fern, the King and the Chancellor will meet you now.
He stepped aside to let them walk through the door. They were now in the Throne room. The King was seated in the middle, his Chancellor at his left. The throne of the Queen was empty. On the other side of the room, two royal guards were in position and an old solider was standing silently.

- Welcome, said the Chancellor, a tall man in light green outfit. We have read your request. The person you asked for, Captain Rethor, is also here. The King will here you now.
- Yes, welcome to my Elven friends, added the King (the two Elves made a simple reverence), and welcome to their bodyguards (Dwavnir and Steven tried to reproduce the reverence without much success). The Kingdom of Wysfold and the land of Assal’Nimuria have always been in good terms and I will listen with great interest to your important news.

Awanel made two steps forward to speak. At the same time, one of the royal guards rushed forward, dropping his spear to draw a long knife. He passed next to Captain Rethor, who screamed. All the people in the room turned to him. Othern realized the danger and dived between Awanel and the guard, who was no other than Shadow; the Elf received the knife in his arm.

Shadow was drawing a second knife when the King shouted:
- Stop!!! Shadow, I know you. You served me well in the past, on several occasions. I don't know how you managed to replace one of my faithful guards, and I don’t know how much you have been paid for this “mission”, but I will pay you double to stop now and tell me who gave you this order.
Shadow did not hesitate. He was not motivated by murder, but by money. He slowly turned his arm to the Chancellor. The King moved back in surprise.
- You, Ardemon? Is that true??

**to be continued**

Chapter 1.4 will follow very soon, as the setting is the same... And it will be the conclusion of Chapter 1.

Links to the characters:
Dwavnir, by Letgo12: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/eDvVX3ed2BR
Steven Fern, by KnightofElabor: https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/X8jOVXWL2YJ
The Shadow, by atomicfart2009: https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/r121kbmrvlB

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it.
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11 months ago
Wow, I finally know the real name of my character.
11 months ago
I wonder when mine will appear.
11 months ago
@atomicfart2009 : and guess what, in next chapter he will finally speak

(but Ardemon is the name of the Chancellor, right? yours is still Shadow for now...)

@Lax : in Chapter 2, for sure! But it will be for end of January I guess, I still have to work on the story and the setting...
11 months ago
NICE!!! Once again, the set is just amazing!
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