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Brainiac’s Revenge: Season 2: Episode 5: The Battle between Reece and Brainiac! (Part 2)
Published 1 year ago
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Reece from Episode 1:
Such a relaxing day time to watch the news.

Tina Gossip from Episode 1:
Hi my name is Tina Gossip the older sister of Gayle Gossip here’s the news first up Brainiac and Chen have broken out of prison and they planning to shrink not just Earth but the whole universe with many Bad Guys Prisoners and they bringing back dead ones and the Chitauri too.

Reece from Episode 1:
Oh no Brainiac is allying with many bad guys and dead ones too and they helping him shrink the whole universe so I have go to different galaxies to st.....

Reece from Episode 1: Oh no! Why are you here?

Brainiac: To erase you!

Reece: I’m here to protect you with my residence!

Reece from Episode 1: Wow you have a residence.

Reece: I do!

Brainiac: Retreat! To the time machine!

Reece and his residence: We are going in!

Brainiac: Darn you!

Reece: Brainiac couldn’t erase me and the heroes!

Brainiac: We will have to attack the city in the present day!

Daisy: Ok!

(Meanwhile in the present day)

Adam: I hope Brainiac has erased the heroes and we win!

Claudie: That would be awesome cause Brainiac would be the city’s ruler!

*The time machine arrives at Brainiac’s Headquarters*

Adam: Brainiac! Did you succeed!

Brainiac: No! Thing have gone worse cause I couldn’t erase the heroes and even worse! Reece has made his own residence!

Reece: I will free the heroes!

j2fam77: Free us Reece!

MOCmaster: Oh my gosh! You have a residence!

Reece: I sure do!

j2fam77: Yes! It will be easier for us to win cause you have a residence!

LegoCommanderBacura: I’m happy that Brainiac hasn’t erased us!

Reece: But Brainiac isn’t giving up cause he will be attacking the city and he has also brought his past self! Past Chen! and he has also brought the Bacon Colonel with him!

MOCmaster: We need to stop them!

Reece: We can all go in the Ninjacopter to the city!

All of the heroes and all of Reece’s residence: Ok!

(Meanwhile in the city)

Max: Oh no!

Lisa: We have to run!

Daniel: We have to evacuate the city as quick as possible!

Brainiac: Meet your new ruler!

Chen: Suffer if you don’t obey the city’s new ruler! Brainiac!

Daisy: That’s right! Obey your new ruler! Brainiac!

Brainiac: HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

Tina Gossip: Brainiac is trying to rule the city but hopefully the heroes are here now!

Reece: Get this Brainiac!

TheSpyderBrick’s Ghost: I have something to tell you!

Reece: What?

TheSpyderBrick’s Ghost: You can make Brainiac’s helpers swap sides!

Reece: Everyone! Your enemy is Brainiac! Not us!

All of the villains except for Brainiac: We hate you now Brainiac!

Brainiac: Oh no! My helpers disobey me!

Daisy: I hope you get defeated you Brainialoser!

Brainiac: I will have to run!

Reece: Ha! Brainialoser! Everyone is after you!

Officer 1: Surrender! Brainialoser!

Officer 2: We won’t arrest you but instead give you the strictest punishment! Banishment to the cursed city unless if you turn good!

(Meanwhile inside Brainiac)

Brainiac’s Good Side (Kid Form): I can fight my evil!

Brainiac’s Evil Side (Adult Form): Oh no! My bad side is gone!

(Outside of Brainiac)

Brainiac: The evil has controlled me for over a century but the good is now completely controlling me.

Officers: Ok! We won’t banish you to the cursed city!

Reece: Brainiac! Join us if you promise to send the things that have came here by your time machine back to their original time.

Brainiac: Your deal is accepted!

Reece: My residence! Goodbye!

All of the members of Reece’s Residence: Goodbye! Reece!

TheSpyderBrick’s Ghost: Congratulations! Reece for making the people disobey Brainiac!

Reece: I still wish you were alive!

TheSpyderBrick’s Ghost: As a reward! I can get a body again but only if one of the other people becomes a ghost.

Claudie: You can have my body.

TheSpyderBrick’s Ghost: Ok!

Claudie: *cries* Goodbye! Everyone! I will miss you! My journey ends here but not for the heroes!

Reece: Claudie! I miss you!

TheSpyderBrick: I’m back!

Reece: It has been so long buddy!

Daisy: But wait! Reece is changing cause of the time mess!

j2fam77: You’re right! Reece is changing!

Reece: This is my new look!

TheSpyderBrick: Also! j2fam77 is getting purple eyes!

j2fam77: I have purple eyes now!

Brainiac: Goodbye! I will make my headquarters I had when I was evil a safe place!

Max: Reece! I knew you would do it!

Lisa: I seen what happened to your headquarters so Daniel will rebuild it cause he is a good builder!

Daniel: I’m a good builder so I will rebuild it!

Max: But while my dad is rebuilding your headquarters! You can stay at ours for a few days!

Reece: Yes! Our biggest fan is letting us sleep at his house for a few days!

(A few days later)

Daniel: It took a few days but we finally completely rebuilt the headquarters!

Max: Come inside!

All of the heroes: WOW!

Reece: It looks cool!

Max: Can I join you?

Reece: You can join us!

Max: Yay! I’m on the team!

Lisa and Daniel: Can we join too!

Reece: Yes! You can!

Lisa and Daniel: Yes!

(Meanwhile at Brainiac’s Headquarters)

Brainiac: All done! 100% Evil Free!

Brainiac: My headquarters is now a evil free place!

Brainiac: I should turn it into a lab so we need people to work at the lab!

Citizen: Can I work at the lab!

Brainiac: You can!

Citizen: Yay!

(Back at the newly rebuilt heroes headquarters)

Reece: No more bad guys! Brainiac is good! Everyone is good! We are at peace now!

j2fam77: We can go anywhere now!

Reece: We can have a safe future!

TheRealChonkey: We can go to Brainiac’s Headquarters to look at it’s changes!

Reece: Ok!

(Meanwhile at Brainiac’s Headquarters which is now a lab)

Brainiac: We have a lot of people working at my lab!

Reece: Hello!

Brainiac: Hello! Reece! I think you want to look at the changes to my headquarters which is now a lab!

All of the heroes: We want a look at the changes!

Brainiac: Ok!

Reece: WOW! It looks cool!

j2jam77: It’s awesome!

Brainiac: You can go back home now!

(A few moments later at the heroes headquarters)

Reece: Let’s look at our futures.

*Reece’s Vision Begins*

Future Reece: Brainiac! I like being your right hand!

Brainiac: Being a right hand for someone is good cause you get to help them!

Reece: I know that!

*Reece’s Vision Ends*

j2fam77: I wonder what my future looks like.

*j2fam77’s Vision Begins*

Kid: My cat is stuck in a tree!

j2fam77: Don’t worry! The Obsidian Ninja is here to save the day!

Kid: Thank You!

j2fam77: You’re welcome!

*j2fam77’s Vison Ends*

MOCmaster: I hope my future is good.

*MOCmaster’s Vision Begins*

MOCmaster: Ready! Set! Action!

Actor of MOCmaster: What is this ship called?

Actor of Reece: It’s called the *farts* Fartcopter.

MOCmaster: Cut! This is not how this goes! Do it again!

Actor of MOCmaster: What is this ship called?

Actor of Reece: It’s called the Ninjacopter.

MOCmaster: Much better!

*MOCmaster’s Vision Ends*

LegoCommanderBacura: I hope my future is bright.

*LegoCommanderBacura’s Vision Starts*

LegoCommanderBacura: Welcome to LegoCommanderBacura’s Costume Store!

Kid: WOW! Awesome!

LegoCommanderBacura: Thank You for your feedback!

Kid: You’re welcome!

*LegoCommanderBacura’s Vision Ends*

TheRealChonkey: My future will hopefully be awesome.

*TheRealChonkey’s Vision Starts*

TheRealChonkey: Welcome to my museum!

Max: Hello! TheRealChonkey!

TheRealChonkey: You’re Max! I will show you the room where there’s stuff from adventures that me and the heroes had!

Max: Reece’s iPad that’s sadly broken but he has a phone now! The remains of the Millennium Falcon! A lot of stuff!

TheRealChonkey: Also! Cause you’re one of the heroes biggest fans! I will allow you to enter the dangerous relics vault!

Max: The ULTIMATE ULTIMATE ULTIMATE ULTIMATE ULTIMATE ULTIMATE ULTIMATE Weapon! The Brainiac Phone! and The Time Machine that Brainiac used!

TheRealChonkey: Brainiac brought the Brainiac Phone and the time machine here to make sure that nobody uses them!


TheRealChonkey: Reece founded it in space and brought it here.

Max: Ok.

*TheRealChonkey’s Vision Ends*

TheSpyderBrick: I hope my future is amazing cause I can finally be alive again because of Claudie.

*TheSpyderBrick’s Vision Starts*

Citizen: Oh no! There’s fire! I hope someone gets rid of it!

TheSpyderBrick: I will get rid of it!

Citizen: Thank you!

TheSpyderBrick: My pressure!

*TheSpyderBrick’s Vision Ends*

ChuckZilliaTime: I hopefully have a great future.

*ChuckZilliaTime’s Vision Starts*

ChuckZilliaTime: Welcome to Chuck’s Fish and Chips House!

Daisy: I love Fish and Chips!

ChuckZilliaTime: Then you should go on down to Chuck’s Fish and Chips House where Fish and Chips is number one!

Daisy: Sure!

*ChuckZilliaTime’s Vision Ends*

Reece: Cause of us! The world is finally safe! So we can have peaceful futures!

j2fam77: Without us! The world may not be safer than ever!

Reece: Together! We will look forward to a bright future!

MOCmaster: We will watch the news now!

Tina Gossip: The world is safer than ever thanks to the heroes actions to get rid of Brainiac’s evil that has been corrupting him for years! Cause of them! We will all have a bright future!

Reece: We all won!

All of the heroes: Yes!

The End.


All Characters:

Main Heroes:

All Characters:

Main Heroes:

Reece: (Episodes 1-15)

MOCmaster: (Episodes 2-15)

TheSpyderBrick: (Episodes 3-10 and 15)

j2fam77: (Episodes 3-15)

TheRealChonkey: (Episodes 3-15)

LegoCommanderBacura: (Episodes 3-15)

ChuckZilliaTime: (Episodes 11-15)

Brainiac: (Some of Episode 15)

Main Villains:

Brainiac (Pilot-Some of Episode 15)

Chen (Pilot-Some of Episode 15)

Daisy (Episode 12-Some of Episode 15)

Secondly Heroes and Citizens:

Justice Leauge: (Mentioned by Brainiac in the Pilot)

Tina Gossip: (Episodes 1, 13 and 15)

Gayle Gossip: (Mentioned by Tina Gossip in Episodes 1 and 13)

The person that said Brainiac’s headquarters is near Reece in Episode 2 aka. Raece: (Voice only appears in Episode 2. Never appeared in person)

Lloyd: (Episode 5)

Jay: (Episode 5)

Kai: (Episode 5)

Nya: (Episode 5)

Cole: (Episode 5)

Okino: (Episode 5)

Darth Vader as Fake Scott: (Episode 5 and the beginning of Episode 6 before he reveals his identity)

The Real Scott: (The end of Episode 6)

J.B.: (Appears for a brief moment in Episode 8 )

Jack: (Appears for a brief moment in Episode 8 )

Parker: (Appears for a brief moment in Episode 8 with no lines)

Akita: (Episode 9)

Kataru: (Mentioned by Akita in Episode 9)

The Other Formlings: (Mentioned by Akita in Episode 9)

Max: (Episodes 10 and 15)

Lisa: (Episodes 10 and 15)

Daniel: (Episodes 10 and 15)

TheSpyderBrick: (Episodes 11-14)

Reece’s Residence: (Episodes 14 and 15)

Chen: (Some of Episode 15)

Daisy: (Some of Episode 15)

Claudie: (Some of Episode 15)

Adam: (Some of Episode 15)

All of the villains on Brainiac’s Team: (Some of Episode 15)

Secondly Villains:

Bacon Colonel: (Episode 2. Also appears in Episodes 14 and 15 when Brainiac made him, Brainiac from Episode 2 and Chen from Episode 2 join him when Brainiac was trying to erase the heroes)

Some Chitauri: (Attacked the city offscreen during the events of Episodes 3-10)

Avatar Harumi: (Episode 5)

Richie: (Episode 5)

Red Visors: (Episode 5)

Unagami: (Episode 5)

Darth Vader: (Episodes 6-7)

Lady E.: (Episode 8 )

TheRealChonkey as a Gloombie: (Some of Episode 8 )

LegoCommanderBacura: as a Gloombie: (Some of Episode 8 )

Ice Emperor aka. Zane: (Episode 9)

Vex: (Episode 9)

Some Blizzard Samurai: (Episode 9)

Blizzard Sword Master: (Episode 9)

Boreal: (Episode 9)

Tiny Brainiacs and Chens: (Episode 10)

Claudie: (Episode 12-Some of Episode 15)

Adam: (Episode 13-Some of Episode 15)

All of the villains on Brainiac’s Team: (Episode 12-Some of Episode 15)

Some Inspirations:

Brainiac turning good in Episode 15: Unagami turning good in Episode 16 (Game Over!) in the 12th season (Prime Empire) of Ninjago.

All of the villains turning against Brainiac in Episode 15 before Brainiac turns good: All of SMG3’s gang joining SMG4’s gang to fight SMG3 in War of Fat Italians 2020.

Brainiac’s failed plan to go back in time to erase the heroes forever in Episodes 11-15: SMG3’s successful plan to erase SMG4’s gang in Deleted! (SMG4 Video).

Brainiac’s successful raid in the heroes headquarters in Episode 13: The Sons of Garmadon successful raid in the Residence headquarters in Episode 5 (The Gilded Path) in the 9th season (Hunted) of Ninjago.

Theme Songs:

Pilot (Season 0): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcqxERpqHVg

Episodes 1-10 (Season 1): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0EuUXqAmcE

Episodes 11-15 (Season 2): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwOjL9AOc9Y


TheNinjaBrick: Creator of Brainiac’s Revenge

Scrubs: Creator of Mecabricks

Ole Kirk Kristiansen: Creator of LEGO

DC: Creators of Brainiac

Marvel: Creators of the Chitauri

In memory of Jens Nygaard Knudsen who designed and created the Minifigure.
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