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The Taming of Glipwood Forest
Published 3 months ago
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Long before the Great War and Gnag the Nameless, Skree was a free and happy country. Roads were good and travel unhindered by little more than the villainy of the Stranders. Gilpwood Forest, home of many an evil beast had been subjugated by the powerful arm of the noble and valiant Glipwood Rangers. These heroes are unsung, and largely forgotten. But if not for their tireless efforts, Skreeans would soon feel the brunt of the evils of Glipwood Forest.

(They're horned hounds, by the way. I wanted to make some toothy cows, but for some reason the Library does not include the LEGO cow piece. I experimented with a horse, with terrible results. Unfortunate.)

For Christ Alone!

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3 months ago
Why does Scrubs make it so hard for us Wingfeather fans to create sets
3 months ago
Awesome model, D_R! I hope there’s more about the rangers in the 3rd and 4th books (no spoilers, please.

As to the tags . . .

stunned hobbit noises
3 months ago
@D_R yes I know of it, tis a shame I couldn't invest in it.
3 months ago
@Gman, Thanks!

@Greenflame, I know, it's so hard finding the right pieces

@Fireblade, Indubitably!
I couldn't invest either. I live in Australia. Sadness and sorrow.

@Op, Thanks!

DISCLAIMER The second part of the Hobbit quote does not apply to any of you.

Just in case it wasn't obvious.
3 months ago
Well, zero is “less than half”, so it does apply to us, right?
3 months ago
Oh, @D_R06. I asked my sister about Keeper of the Lost Cities, and she said the first two books were good, but she hasn't gotten farther, because the series isn't finished yet, and she doesn't want to get too deep into them until the series is over.
3 months ago
how da heck have I not seen this yet??!?!?!? this is amazing and I love the idea!
2 months ago

Yeah, the Wingfeather Show...
Looking forward to that! Hope it's good...
2 weeks ago
@Snap, Well, with AP at the helm, it's bound to be good.
2 weeks ago
(helm, the front of a boat, bound, where the boat is going)
2 weeks ago
(When someone’s “at the helm” it means they control where the craft is going, not that they’re at the front)
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