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Mini Series: The Traveler's Purpose
Published 7 days ago
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Legend has it...

That when you die...

Your next life only begins...

In a dream...


This is a story about a dying person who finds out about a quest in the afterlife, that will change his death forever. The story itself is set sometime close after Bloody Mary's reign in a medieval time, and the main part is in the dream world, far from our wildest imaginations. The main character's name is Arashi Wolfgang Kingston, a dying young man who, along the way, meets familiar people, some good, some evil, as he and his old/newfound friends travel to the jewel of the afterlife.


I wanted to make this story because of the recent news that I will be quitting, and I wanted this to be around 10 chapters long, so I'll have time to produce Age of the Wild in November. SO! I wanted to make a series for everyone who saw my quitting post, sort of.
There are four spots available, so choose only one of the four headless garments (or the eagle) before you, and if you want to change their outfits, only slightly! Especially the one with the two daggers, I worked HARD on that one. Hopefully I can send out chapter 1 as quickly as possible, but, you all have until Sunday to release your minifigure. Here are your minifig steps:

Step 1.Choose one of the headless clothes (or the eagle) to customize.

Step 2.You can make slight changes, but only slight.

Step 3.You can choose a head, head clothing and/or hair as provided by the default parts library.

Step 4.Like with all other minifigures, information about your character is required.

I hope you join! Enjoy!
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7 days ago
Wait, so are you quitting? Or not?
I'm just confused.
7 days ago
Ok so, just before I'm going on, well more of a hiatus, I'm going to make this mini-series, then I'm coming back for aspell in November. Then I'm going on a longer hiatus.
7 days ago
I think I’ll make one
7 days ago
So, if I choose the eagle, do I make a minifig that is basically a hybrid for the eagle?
7 days ago
I decided not too do it
6 days ago
Well, sure I guess.
3 days ago
I'll join! I'll take the body on the right

(oh gosh that sounds so gory XD)
2 days ago
Yay! Everyone is here! The first chapter will be out as soon as possible! The soonest time should be this afternoon. Quick notice: Age of the Wild will be out soon after this, and then in the second half of December, I finally go on my (a bit short) hiatus.
2 days ago
Do you guys think I should cancel the series and go straight to Age of the Wild? I think that would make it much easier.
2 days ago
I dunno, no one seems to be enjoying it. Except you.
2 days ago
Which makes me happy. Bless your heart.
2 days ago
It seems like a fun story, but if you don't want to do it, then don't.
2 days ago
Ok then, I already have the first chapters of each series, so I'll just do Age of the Wild first because everyone liked that a boat load more, so yeah.
2 days ago
Okay. I hope you do come back to this series though.
2 days ago
Maybe just before I start the hiatus
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