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Armageddon Chapter 4
Published 2 years ago
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"Yeah," D_R said. "And we'll also get two small fries and a Whopper with that."

She rolled her eyes. What had happened over the past two days was shocking, some might even call it... well, she didn't know a word, but the would call it that.

Gav sat up. "Want to go outside again? The inside of this apartment is getting dreadfully dreary, and I loved the pink skies, didn't you?"
"Yeah," she said again, her mind preoccupied with other things.
"Seriously, what was that you said earlier about math and science at my school? They have a very good course, no need to downgrade it, D."
"Gav..." She ran her fingers through her hair and got up from the floor, stretching. "Just be quiet, will ya?"
"Ah, I see. The cat wants some alone time," he replied, narrowing his eyes.
"Yes, yes I do. And I'm not a cat, whatever LW wants you to think."

Why did this happen? Gav thought. You know why it did. You just couldn't say no. You said yes. Now, look what you did.

His thoughts were interrupted as D_R opened the door. "Coming?" she called, stepping out into the hall.

They went down in the elevator for the second time that day, as both D_R and Gav were still confused about their new surroundings, and they wanted to explore a bit more. The sky was pink, and the trees were blue; the clouds were unusually fluffy and multi-colored, and the buildings were different shades of the rainbow and rounded like marshmallows. The architecture is certainly strange, D_R thought.
As they stepped onto the soft pavement - yes, it was very soft and floaty - they both looked around and breathed deeply. Ah, the smells. It was all very sweet and satisfying, but also extremely confusing.

Very, very confusing.

"Ah, I see that you've come down once more," a female voice called.
D_R and Gav spun around, surprised, and feeling quite out-of-sorts. "I thought we were alone," Gav whispered.
"I guess not."

They both watched as a short, young woman strode towards them, readjusting her tortoiseshell glasses. Her thick, red hair was tied up in a ponytail, and it swung from side to side. She looked to be about a year older than D_R - 17 or so.
"Short, isn't she?" D_R mused.
"Extremely... but why did you bring up politics? I know some of the politicians are a bit 'short' in how they talk to people, but we have a bit of a problem going on right now."
She narrowed her eyes. "Gav..."
"I see you're having some sort of a discussion," the young woman said. "Forgive my manners. I'm Twiggy, and you?"
"I'm... D_R," D_R stammered, "And this is Gav."
"Well, certainly a pleasure to meet you both. Just hopped in here a few days ago, but the story is a bit droll, you might say, but this scenery is quite fascinating!"

Twiggy, as she called herself, had a slight British accent, and spoke with a fast, lilting manner that made her sound very intelligent, if not high-class.

"Interesting," D_R lied, still confused. "If you're as smart as you look," she began, "can you tell us what this place is? It's strange... very strange."
"Oh, Cloudy? This is Cloudy Street you're standing on. The road sign is right over---"
"No," D_R interrupted her, glancing at Gav for help, "I mean this PLACE. It's like a storybook fairytale land or something."
"Yeah," Gav put in.
Twiggy looked happily at both of them, then opened her arms wide, and cried, "Why, this is Marshmallow Land! You've never heard of it? Well, I haven't either, but I've been exploring it ever since I landed here, and some of the most exquisite things I've found!" She looked off dreamily. "It's quite jolly, all of it."

She's nuts, D_R thought.

"So... We got here through a ceiling fan, if that's believable," said Gav.
Twiggy winked. "I traveled here through a bright, pink portal! It was on the wall in the Courtyard Mall in downtown London. I'm sure you've heard of it because it's the best!"
"The portal thingy?" D_R asked.
"No, silly, the mall! It's the absolute best in London, you've got to try it sometime!"
D_R rolled her eyes and gestured for Twiggy to continue.
"Alrighty then. I was trying on a dress, and everything was tickety-boo, then the mirror in the dressing room turned pink, and sucked me in... strangest thing, it was. I landed here after that. But I love this place, D_R! I'll tour you through it, and we might even check out the Tower while we're at it." She smiled sweetly and took D_R's hand. "I just know we'll be the best of friends!"

She was genuine and well-meaning, but just a bit too jolly for D_R.

Gav looked around nervously, then at his shaking hands. No, it wasn't from the cold. Not one bit, he thought. The Tower, she had said. Stuff is about to get real.

~Meanwhile, in LW's original apartment~

I slowly turned around, a bit shaken from my surprise. A young guy, about my age, was standing before me, his eyes wide. Two armor-clad individuals were standing behind him, and a drone hovered above them.
"My goodness," I whispered.
"I'm Cliff," the young guy said, "and these are my friends, Nerdz, and Kaya."
"Hello, I'm LW," I said. I didn't really know what else to say, so I just kept quiet, and let Cliff and his friends do the talking.
"You got here at the same time as we did, it would seem," Cliff said. "We've been watching you go in and out of your apartment. By the way, you might want to put this on." He slung a large backpack off his shoulder, unzipped it, and handed me a tough, leather suit. Black armor plates were sewn into the metal, and a large overcoat lay on top of the folded pile. "Creatures come out at night," he said, with a raised eyebrow. "You don't want to run into them without protection. We found these suits near the Spire."
"Ooookay..." I muttered.

This was definitely weird.

I was confused. How did these guys even get here, and where was I even at? It seemed like a moldy duplicate of my street back home, to say the least.

One of the guys behind Cliff stepped towards me and extended his hand. "Nerdz at your service, LW."
"Alright, thanks, I guess."
He looks like a character from Alien, I thought, with all that bulky armor. He carried a large assault rifle of sorts, and a light gold sword was strapped to his torso. Kaya was garbed in like manner as well, and both of them had sizeable helmets on. I found it funny that the large drone that circled above Kaya's head seemed to follow her everywhere.
"Nice to meetcha!" she said with a flourish, bending down on one knee. She looked up at me, her round face beaming. "You're kinda cute, by the way."

My face went red.

Cliff turned towards her and scowled. He was dressed in the same, black leather suit that he had handed me, and a scant assortment of weapons was strapped to his vest. "LW, we don't really know where we are, either, but I'll give you a brief explanation of what we've uncovered over the past few days. We landed near the Spire, after getting sucked through a doorway in our highschool in New Hampshire. Yeah, we kind of deserved it, I guess. We're graffiti artists, and the auditorium needed a fresh new coat of paint."

I couldn't help but snicker.

"Whatever," he continued. "I found these suits in an old shed after Kaya almost got killed" - he scowled at her once again at this statement - "by one of the monsters."
"Wait, explain these monsters," I interrupted.
He sighed. "I'd like to finish my story first."
"Oh, please do," I said, with mock suspense. "I mean, I might enjoy getting killed by one of these things, too!"
He rolled his eyes and began again. "This is Acid Street. Sounds like a zombie video game to me, but anyways. Seems as though this place is named "Grime", and we think it up, so don't even look at me that way."
"Yeah," Nerdz said. "He doesn't like it when people look at him 'that way', whatever that means." He chuckled to himself.
Kaya snorted, and the drone bucked in the air.
Cliff took a deep breath and bit his lip. "Alright, that's enough." He searched my face, then asked, "So LW, how did you get here?"

I explained away (everything about the Script, D_R, and Gav, and my other friends who might be still waiting at my apartment), then rushed up to my apartment to change.
"We don't care if you change in front of us," Kaya started to say, but Cliff cut her off with a hard punch to the stomach. It didn't hurt her at all, since she was covered in a veritable mech suit, but Cliff didn't recover from the knock to his fist as well as he'd like. Kaya tittered to herself as I came back down in my new suit. It fit me like a glove, not to mention that is was insanely epic.

"We'll get you some weapons soon enough," Nerdz said lazily. "You know how to handle an assault rifle?"
"Uh... not really. I've played Call of Duty once or twice, but I kind of know how to handle a P90. You know what I'm talking about? It's a small gun from Stargate SG-1, and it's repetitively used as the SG teams' main gun throughout the Stargate theme."
"Man..." Nerdz whispered, "I love Stargate! We should have a binge sometime, dude."
"I'll join in," Kaya said happily.
I glanced at her for a moment, and received a coy wink in return. I blinked and readjusted my glasses, then looked away.
"Okay, now that you're finished with your nerdist gathering, I'd like you to turn your attention to the creature coming towards us," Cliff said, cocking his head towards the end of the road, and aiming his gun.

A black blur was screaming down the street, heading for us at an alarmingly fast pace.

"Most terrifying," Nerdz breathed. He searched himself, then placed a handgun in my shaking hands. "9 mil, LW. Easy as pie. Use both hands, and just aim, bro."
Both Nerdz and Kaya were ready with their rifles aimed at the creature, but I was standing there like a dimwit, eyes wide.

Suddenly, something cold and electric took control of me, and I aimed.

A muzzle flash.

Something bowled me over.

A howl.

Then, as I figured I was good as dead, all went black. Yeah, I thought so.

~Meanwhile, with a certain Irish boy somewhere else entirely~

Just kidding, I don't want to extend the story too much where you fall asleep.

My life seems to be filled with computer problems lately, but what really kept me from writing was a family problem last weekend. I won't go into detail, but I'd like to thank you all for praying for me. I really appreciate it - more than you might know, in fact.

So... Twiggy. You might not know her, but she's a user on Lego Ideas (has been for four years now) who's a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, who loves all things Lego. She's a wonderful person as well (Don't let the peppy-off-her-rocker personality fool you. I mean, in the story... right?), has an awesome sense of humor, and a great taste in music.
She has one model here on MB, and her sigfig is featured in the new Lego Creator 10273 Haunted House set

j2, don'tcha worry about your role. I'm planning to have you star somewhere in the next few chapters - you'll be in more than one.

General_Veers (at least that's how I think you spell your username xD), I had to create a name for your character, since it was female, and "Veers" sounds a bit rugged, don'tcha think?

Welp, God Bless, and happy reading!

Signing off,

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2 years ago
Wow, great story! Love the addition of the new characters, and the writing is superb!

2 years ago
Look's good! Glad to see this awesome story continue!
2 years ago
Thanks bro!! That made my day

You should try your hand at a story as well!

+ man + 2
Thank you, my guy!
2 years ago
@TheWildLego You're very welcome! Glad to hear it!
Perhaps someday I will
2 years ago
What... the toenail... was that... MARSHMELOW LAND! I DON'T EVEN CARE IF I SPELLED THAT WRONG! And kaya (deserves the lowercase 'k') is like the most annoying creature in the universe! Anyways, amazing chapter, and I'm not just say'n that. D_R... and Gav... I'm sorry
2 years ago
Hopefully, sometime soon

The... toenail? Hmmmm. *blinks*
I was thinking about Cloud Cuckoo Land, but that's a bit stereotype. So, Marshmallow Land came into existence O_Q
Aww man, but Kaya... Yeah, you're right

Thanks so much bro!! I really appreciate it

2 years ago
@Everyone who @'d me.
Yeah, as soon as you started describing the scenery, I was like... he did not just stick em in a Marshmallow land... sure enough...
Anyways see you people tomorrow evening (hopefully) I'm gonna be camping! Yes, I go places... a lot
2 years ago
Well, I did stick 'em in Marshmallow Land, whatsit to ya?!? xD

Have a good time!
2 years ago
@Greenieboi: Have fun camping!
2 years ago
I honestly wouldn’t mind an extended chapter. Great job! I hope you’ll sort out any difficulties you might be facing at the moment. You always have my support if you need it.
2 years ago
Righty-o @LegoLostOutInTheWilderness, where do I start! Your writing is once again amazing (which is an understatement btw) Kaya is super irritating! Which is a great thing, writing believable characters is hard, different personalities, and such, but you have it pretty much spot on mate!

Jolly good job!

2 years ago
Don't worry bro! I'm simply waiting!

and watching...
2 years ago
Well then, that gives me an idea...

Thanks my guy! I can honestly say it's getting a bit better. Do you have the time to talk on Discord? I'd love to catch up with you, and talk a bit more than we do. (Yeah, my bad, I'm pretty lazy

Where do you start? My-my, right at the beginning of the comment, it would seem. But, some would change it up, and you may be one of them (who knows?).
Wow, I express my hummbellest grattitude xD - yes, I know the proper spelling of "humble" -

Thank you so much! Sounds like Kaya is a bit more annoying than I meant her to be, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, as it turns out. Fleshing out characters and personalities is difficult for me, since all of them flow into one, boring personality if I don't pay attention. I really appreciate it

I may write a novel next time...

Well, you won't have to wait for much longer, unless I procrastinate, once again. xD
That Kirby is intimidating, to say the least. Are you threatening me?!?

Jk jk

Sure! I thought you wanted to use the Armageddon figure, though... well, it's your choice
2 years ago
Loved the chapter, excellent writing!

You know Twiggy?!?

I’ve known her for probably about as long as I’ve been on Ideas, she's posted a lot of encouraging comments on my projects, and we’ve personal messaged a little here. I was very surprised when I got to that part of the story! I hope that she posts some more models in the future...
2 years ago
Thanks, bro!

Yes, as a matter of fact, I do!

I've known her for... more than two years, I think, but we only started talking at the start of 2020. She's an awesome content creator, but I know why she doesn't post here - her older laptop doesn't work great on MB, and she can't build models.
2 years ago
Yeah, that happened to me once. Oh yeah, I've heard of Twiggy!
2 years ago
If you're #MecaChristians comment

2 years ago
(I don't know the image, so.......)
2 years ago
HawthornSwift? I can honestly say I've never heard that one before
2 years ago
man, this is really good!

(also, Kaya might be annoying, but her helmet is pretty cool)
2 years ago
Or, never mind, just search up "terminalmontage kirby".
2 years ago

Sorry, I haven’t gotten into posting images in comments yet.
2 years ago
He's a dragon rider in Nevermoor

Thank you dude!

2 years ago
Wow! Sorry I got here so late. xD Well, almost everything I was going to say was already said by someone else, so I'll just say one thing. This is bizarre. And because it's bizarre, it's hard to write. And it's well written. You have talent, my friend.
2 years ago
Three days late doesn't qualify as "late" in my book, sonny. *elderly voice* xD

Thanks so much, dude! Yes, it is definitely bizarre... I was thinking of publishing this some day after a bit of editing, but it's a little [i]too]/i] bizarre

A bit like "Fortunately, the Milk" xD
That means a lot to me, thanks once again
2 years ago
Guys sorry I'm late to the party! Computer problems and what not... y'all know I'm plagued with em...
2 years ago
It's fine, dude! Glad to see you here
2 years ago
Yes I'm here, and will be until the filter decides that this is a horrible post that I can't look at. #BadFilter
2 years ago
Guys! You ain't gonna believe this...

*coughing from back of the room*

Random dude: Oh yes they will.

Me: Yeah, your probably wrong Ok, he's actually right

Me: Anyways I got knocked off the forum again!

Random dude: Yeah, big deal, I think we are used to that. Its really nice to have a break from you once and a while... ya know.

Me: You mean... you don't like me...

Random dude: Did you ever think I did?

Me: Um... well...

InnerBookWorm: Hey Greenflame!

Me: What! Where did you come from! You only appear in my emails with--

InnerBookWorm: If you say his name he might not like it!

Me: Eh, you're probably right.

IBW: Yeah, I am. Also, FYI, I did appear on LEGO Ideas once or twice

Random dude: He's not going to replace me is he?

Me: Yeah!

Random dude: I WON'T LET HIM!

IBW: Uh huh? So how you gonna stop me?

Random dude: I'm going to join your enemy, InnerWritingWorm.

InnerWritingWorm: Hi there!

IBW: You realize this means war?
2 years ago
You do realize you already commented on this post four days ago


I just realized myself xD
2 years ago
Right, but seeing as how last time you posted a chapter... it kinda became a chat room... I still felt late... if that makes sense... I guess you could say, I was late to the chatting

I'm mad at math
2 years ago
I just realized that in my tags I misspelled "every"
3 days ago
I think you should make a book. this is very talented. i know i couldn't do this (since i use instructions or build small stuff with my head)
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