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The Journey- Chapter 1: Murder Weapon
Published 1 year ago
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*Jan 31st, 2008*
Jaq Wisdom: Mom...Dad?
The Man Behind The Slaughter: I will let you live, you have potential.
Jaq Wisdom: *turns to get the camera and takes a shot of the crook*
The Man Behind The Slaughter: Ah, I wished you haven't done that, now I got to kill you, and since your dying, I will tell you my name, which is France Paris...
Jaq Wisdom: Do it I dare you to kill me!
France Paris: Oh, you're so Brave *takes out knife* I will make sure you die slowly.
Jaq wisdom: *takes mother's cell phone and tell the cops about the murder*
France Paris: Why you little---
Police: put your hands in the air!
France Paris: Farts butt dumb *parkour's away from the scene* I will come back for you!
Police officer 1: Do you know that man?
Jaq Wisdom: No, but I got a picture of him, and before you came...he said his name was France.
Police Officer 2: Did he happen to tell you his last name?
Jaq Wisdom: Yes, it was Paris.
Police: *Laughs*Wait, really?
Jaq Wisdom: Yes, yes it was.*walks away quietly*
Police Officer 1: Okay, come with me we'll bring you into fost---
Police: Kid?

*August 2, 20xx*
Random Dude: Hey, kid!!!
Jaq Wisdom: *looks his way* What do you want, loser?
Random Dude: *Squares Up* Oh, so you want to fight, you little punk...COME-GET-IT!
Jaq Wisdom: You, might not want to do that...
Random Dude: *Tries to punch*
Jaq Wisdom: *Stops Punch, Slaps, kick, kick, and punch*
Random Dude: *Brings out knife* Ah, ain't so brave now, aren't ya'?
Jaq Wisdom: *Summons an Emerald King Sword^* You were saying?
Random Dude: *Charges* DIE!
Jaq Wisdom: No you! *Kills Random Dude*
Random Dude: I-it ca-can-can't b-be...*Dies*
Jaq Wisdom: Ooh, doors opened, hope if he doesn't mind me getting some snacks! *runs into the house* Oh, some money, this should get me through a few more days.

*Jaq's abandoned mansion*

Jaq: Okay, I need a suit, so someone can be scared to hit me, instead of me having to kill them...

To be continued in chapter 2.
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1 year ago
@Justy- oh, didn't know that. Don't worry this isn't based on that, it is a quest to find a murderer *spoilers*

@Eric Cartman- No, but yes, it is what sets up the Titan-verse's story while I am getting people on the Titans
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