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6568-1: Drag Race Rally
Published 7 months ago
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The build is 100% complete, only missing stickers and decals; I also had to use an alternative wheel hub.

https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=6568stk01& - sticker sheet

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The "Extreme Team" theme came out in 1998 and lasted for two seasons, with the initial line-up of 6-7 sets, plus several promotional items for Japanese sweets "Kabaya." The series featured some outrageous vehicles of every type: ground, water, and airborne.

It was a well-timed concept, with extreme sports at the peak of its popularity around that time; major sports networks in Europe would broadcast thematic events for hours. Over in the United States, ESPN just established "X Games" a few years prior in Rhode Island, with significant media coverage.

Alongside the "Extreme Team," Lego also launched a similarly-styled "Res-Q" theme in 1998, featuring very aggressive and over-the-top "sporty" emergency response vehicles. It seems like both design teams must've shared at least some of the mood boards and references when creating "Res-Q" and "Extreme Team" models!

Lego introduced a few characters with the "Extreme Team" theme, all sharing the same torso with a red X logo on a black racing jacket (sleeve color varied for each figure). The leader of the pack, Daredevil Tom, drives a monster truck and wears oversized black sunglasses and a red helmet. With white bangs and in a purple helmet, Jimmy Brave accompanies him. The team's third member is Fearless McCoy—sporting a green cap and blue sunglasses.

Extreme Team minifigs even appeared in "LEGO Adventures!" magazine, when they stole a gold bar from the City's federal reserve bank, supposedly trying to "pen test" the security systems. Interesting alibi...

This set no. 6568 'Drag Race Rally,' alternatively known as 'Dragster Raceway,' was the second-largest in the collection with 290 parts and four minifigures.

Both dragsters are identical, only varying in color, but the vehicle's design is neat and detailed: a massive V8 engine with an enormous air turbine on top, adjustable rear spoiler, and even air brakes in the rear.

Apart from two racing cars, the set included a Pit Stop / Service area, a traffic light, a tiny service cart loaded with necessary tools, and other accessories. There's also a small TV helicopter with a video camera.

Minifigures include Jimmy Brave in blue, racing against Fearless McCoy in the white uniform, a technician wearing Octan Racing white jacket, and a TV broadcaster.

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6582-1: Daredevil Flight Squad

2963-1: Extreme Team Racer

6572-1: Wind Runners

6473-1: Res-Q Cruiser

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