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Living Destiny (Chapter 2)
Published 3 months ago
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—Chapter 2—
We’re now in Manhattan; looking for suspicious activity. We decided to split up to cover as much ground as quick as we can. I put my finger to my ear “Guys, I don’t see anything.” I said. The wind gently blew in my face as I looked down from a building “I haven’t found anything either.” said Mark “I mean, I trust Fury. But I don’t see anything suspicious...here at least.” Jade added. As I continued looking, a man wearing all black-jacket, paints, and hood up-walked from one side of the sidewalk to another, and went in an alleyway. I jumped a closer building and landed on my feet. I looked down to see the hooded man. He held his hand out, and a blue hologramed figure appeared in his hand. I could see the person’s mouth move, but I couldn’t hear anything. Well, now’s a good time to use my new gadget. I tapped a button on my watch “There’s no sight of them here. We’ve already looked for them,” “Keep looking! And you will not stop until they are found!” The hologram turned off and the guy looked up. I quickly ducked. The guy turned to exit the alleyway, then jumped up on the building I’m on. How.... “Hello August,” he said. It almost looked like he was changing his form to all black with a quiver on his back. “How do you know my name?” I asked “My master knows vary much about you and your friends, and would like to meet you,” he replied “Who?” I questioned “DarkMind.” he said. “Now would you like to meet my master or not?” he asked “No thanks. I’m a little busy.” I replied “Oh I see.” the guy charged at me and pushed me off the building. Oww

///Meanwhile, where Jade and Mark are///
I walked over to Mark “I haven’t heard anything from August.” Mark said “Me nether.” I said “I said to regroup here” said Mark. “I don’t have a good feeling about this...” I said slowly.

///Back to August///
I dodged an arrow that was headed straight towards me “Whoa” this is just great. I don’t have any weapons with me. All I have are....my gadgets! I grabbed a round metal ball from my pocket and threw it at my new foe. He kicked it back towards me “Great...” electric came out and shocked me. I feel, almost unconscious. The guy kicked my head “Now, we can meet my master.” was the last thing I heard.
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