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Story Interest Meeting
Published 1 month ago
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SO. This is a story interest meeting and what that means is i may or may not post a story im writing on here. Why am i doing this meeting? Because of what this story is about. So here’s the basic idea:
Vigilante as the main protagonist (doesn’t kill but is brutal)

Gang ring that deals in drugs and human trafficking as the main antagonist.

Other vigilante will be in it that does kill and is brutal

I will not include sexual stuff (i know its human trafficking so it’ll be weird but i wont have any gross stuff)

It will be violent so i would put a warning on every model saying young readers should be VERY cautious and probably shouldn’t read it.

Now tell me what you guys think and weather or not i should make it. (The models may or may not be brutal)
If you have any questions please ask!
This one if i go through with it wont fail. I have half of it written down already.
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1 month ago
seems like it could be good, agree with the no M stuff.
1 month ago
Anyone els have thoughts? @KoA @WizardBuilds @LegoMaster707_2187?
1 month ago
I have a perfect not-over-the-top-but-violent superhero for you!
El Matador
If you want to hear more about him, I could PM you.
1 month ago
@DDG, I dont need characters im just wondering what yall think.
@justy, no
@BaBs, whats spawn?
1 month ago
its like a more broody comic series about a cop who turns into a demon and basically instead of busting criminals he punishes them
1 month ago
Well i can asure you this guy isnt a demon, nor a cop
1 month ago
Nice idea using hourglasses on a table! (I’ll have to borrow that…

But don’t go too far into the human trafficking subject… There are a lot of kids on this site who will read it whether or not you warn them.
1 month ago
1. feel free to use it wherever.
2. i mean yes there will be (i for one was one of those kids who would read whatever story i wanted)
3. I will try, but, the main villain is a human trafficking type of guy. I will be very cautious with the story and all of its stuff. If i ever post a part to it then feel free to spam the comments saying “Take this down!”
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