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Team Spectrum: Backstory
Published 2 months ago
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Hello! Here is the long-awaited info for Team Spectrum.

(Here is the original post: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/N02glz4yjLD)

We have six characters in TS, Their names being Roco, Paul, Leo, Nia, Jackie, and O'Lee. They all keep their super-hero identities a secret, but people know about "Team Spectrum."

Paul: Color: Red.
Super hero name: Speeda.
Sibling(s): O'Lee.
Day job: Runner, and IT server maintinence.
Bio: He is the fastest runner in the group, with very, very fast thinking skills. His work in IT gives him great technical knowlage, and he is the best at hacking into security systems. (Kinda specific, right?) He, along with Leo and Nia, have designed a device sort of like a jet pack, but is meant for high-speed running, rather than flying. He has a bit of a "thing" with Nia. winking face

Roco: Color: Blue.
Super hero name: Chill.
Sibling(s): Leo.
Day job: Works for a pizzaria as a chef.
Bio: He is a very laid-back, chill kind of person. His best friend is his brother, Leo. His Brother has designed him gloves, with super-compact miniturized solid tanks of water and nitrogen. They shoot Liquid water, along with liquid nitrogen (Liquid nitrogen is very cold, mind you.) , that freezes the water instantly. He is also the BEST cook in the group, but his pizzas are always hot, not cold. winking face

Jackie: Color: Green.
Super hero name: Gauntlet
Sibling(s): None.
Day job: Uber driver.
Bio: Beneath her "tough guy" appearance, she is very sweet. The techie members of the team designed her two gauntlets powered by the heat from ionized water molocules, She is a very good driver, pilot, and boat driver.

Leo: Color: Purple
Super hero name: The Hoser.
Sibling(s): Roco.
Day job: Tech internship.
Bio: The smartest member of the team in terms of tech, has designed his own flying suit, that is powered by the heat from ionized water molocules. He recently made a breakthrough in water physics, and has figured out how to reverse the affects of ionized water from being dangerous, and hard to work with, to providing an easily miniturizable energy source. His best friend is his Brother, Roco, and they love to work together for pretty much everything.

O'Lee: Color: Orange.
Super hero name: Flame.
Sibling(s): Paul.
Day job: Instructor in karate, she is a black belt herself.
Bio: She is the most adept at hand-to-hand combat (or rather, foot-to-foot.) In the group, and is their "Ninja." She always scouts ahead on missions, and Leo, Nia, and her brother, Paul, designed her shurikins that, as soon as they are thrown, release a trail of flameable gas, and are ignited by the heat from ionized water.

Nia: Color: Yellow.
Super hero name: Dragonfly.
Sibling(s): None.
Day job: Tech internship.
Bio: She is a very intelligent person when it comes to tech, and stuff like that. She and Leo and Paul designed a glider that can be worn like a backpack, that has a built-in motor that is powered by again, ionized water. She is also Paul's GF. winking face


Well Calc, I hope this is satisfactory. Sorry I kept everyone waiting, and I Hope you all like this.

011 out!
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2 months ago
Awesome, dude! Wonderful job on the backstories!
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