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Purge Trooper Commander|Lego SWJFO Custom
Published 2 months ago
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Hey my quarantined fellows! Today I have built a new CUSTOM PURGE TROOPER COMMANDER from 'Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order'!

So, first of all I want to say this took me SO LONG to make because of all of the Custom Prints all over the Body. And 2: Yes, I was going to make the other Variants of the Purge Trooper, but I was really only able to get good enough images (for reference) to make the Purge Trooper Commander.
But ANYWAYS! This took me a very, Very, VERY, vErY VERRRY long time to make (Literally like 2 Weeks)!
Mainly cuz I've been off and on Mecabricks, so, yeah. And I hat lots of aggravating and FRUSTRATING trial and error.

Anyways, enough talk, and more Minifigs! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes

To start off, I made the Legs Custom, with the Purge Trooper's Knee Pads and the 2 White Stripes on the Right Leg for indication of a Purge Trooper Commander, and then I made the Kama with the Short Cape Pieces, and sort of made a Duotone style of making Black with Dark Red accents, and then I got 2 String Pieces; compressed them so they were smaller, and made it look like the Straps that go to the Belt buckle on the Purge Trooper.

Next, we have the Torso, in which I used the Clone Trooper Gunner Torso Piece colored Black. And I used this Piece because the Purge Trooper Commander (and all the other Purge Trooper Variants that have Pauldrons) have a Strap and a Chest Piece sort of thing leading to the Pauldron, and I realized this was the perfect Piece for that.

Both of the Arms are Completely Custom; for the Right Arm, I made the Red Empire Logo, the 2 White Arrows/Stripes and I made the Wrist Comm.

And for the Left Arm all I really did was Make the 2 White Arrows/Stripes because I thought it would be more appropriate to instead of making the Red Empire Logo on the Left Shoulder, to just make it on the Half Rounded 1x1 Flat Tile.

And then still moving Upward, I made the Custom Right Shoulder Commander Pauldron with the same technique I used for the Kama, but inverted.

And then I made the Helmet, which was pretty simple; just a Geonosian Airborne Clone Trooper Helmet with a Tr. Red Half Rounded 1x1 Flat Tile. And I did go through trial and error to see what effects I could try to recreate, but I thought it was fine. winking face
And I got some inspiration from LegoCommanderBacara's Purge Trooper, and made more of the Dark Red Helmet Details, so, big shoutout to him!

And then last but not least: ACCESSORIES!
So, on the back of the Torso I used the 2 Minifigure Lipstick Accessories/Pieces to make some details on the back. And I got inspiration from one of LegoCommanderBacara's Minifigures, and he's a cool dude, go check him out!

And of course he has his Blaster Rifle, and I hid some other Purge Trooper Weapons, so if you want, you can Press Alt+H, or, for Mac Users (like Me) Option+H.

And those are all of the Accessories!

(And if you do Unhide, then you'll actually see that I've hidden an unposed Purge Trooper Commander. In case you want to Render it or something.)

Anyways, that's it! I hope you liked it, and have a God Blessed Day!

And before you go, make sure to check out my YouTube Channel, and my Flickr account! winking face


YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfN7a9gdJD_0W9k9iQpqPdg

Flickr Account: https://www.flickr.com/photos/184766695@N03


-March 31st 2020.
~Lego_Lover's Star Wars Customs~
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2 months ago
I was gonna do it at some point, but I gave up xD
2 months ago
This is amazing. I really want a Purge Trooper Battle Pack
2 months ago
This looks great!
2 months ago
Nice! And thanks for the, uh "Shout out!"

I'ma be honest, you treading on some guitarman2 level builds xD
2 months ago
Wow! I love this! Great use of the old cape piece, very creative!
2 months ago
Can I use this to make a Purge Trooper battlepack? With credit, of course.
2 months ago
Holy cow, this looks awesome. Nice job Lego_Lover.
2 months ago
Thank you all so, so much for all of the Support and Compliments!

@MrBrick; You can make a Battle Pack with this!
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