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Contest! (Turn the model around)
Published 6 months ago
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The contest is to come up with a story for this scene. Please put it in the comments. The winner gets the same prize as the one in this. All entries must be received by August 31st.
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6 months ago
John( man in picture) was walking around town lookin for a donut. Suddenly he saw a fire hydrant like no other. He suddenly had the urge to touch it. "I shouldn't! But.... No ones around." ,he said to himself. He leaned his hand closer and closer, and the moment his hand touched it a storm started. The wind was severe and lighting struck the fire hydrant. A giant pug appeared and said in a booming voice ," Who dare touch the all powerful fire hydrant!"
" I did. I am sorry but there wasn't anything saying not to touch it.", John said.
" What do you wish and I, the all-powerful fire hydrant guardian, will grant it." John thought long and hard and said,
" I would wish for world peace but,...…..I wanna donut."
" Seriously, that's it a single donut.", the guardian said.
" You're right that is dumb..... I want too.", John stated. The pug groaned and two donuts appeared in johns hand with glaze writing. It read, Stay away or i will haunt yoU got it. " I will." John said and he went on with his day.
6 months ago
umm... I guess it's time to announce the winners(?)
1st: xXTheMemeKingXx
2nd: nobody else entered

3rd: nobody else entered

so... I don't know if I'll do part 2, because only 1 person entered this
I probably won't
6 months ago
It's fine, I would've extended the contest further if not for this
5 months ago
@LegoMstr707_IJ_The_CloneTrooper - Not right now, but I probably will do this again soon.
4 months ago
I am going to do this contest again!
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