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Thunderman vs Evil Roll.exe
Published 6 months ago
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So when I was watching that Mega Man Fan Film, I noticed that Roll was always so worried and protective (sometimes overly so) of Mega Man. Then, after the video finished, another one popped up, where Roll "turned to the Dark Side." It was from either the Mega Man Battle Network series or the Mega Man NT Warrior series. Idk, whichever one has Megaman.EXE.
So apparently, Roll's operator, Maylu Sakurai was given a "Super Great White Angel" battle chip. Little did Maylu know, this wasn't even a battle chip. It was a chip FULL OF VIRUSES! So, of course, not knowing anything, Maylu downloaded the chip into Roll, and she turned evil against Mega Man. For this MOC, I chose a different path. She still turns evil, but instead of Mega Man finishing the job and fully bringing her to her senses, I do,
Roll.exe: Don't say my name like you know me!
Megaman.exe: Roll, what gotten into you? It's Me! Megaman!
Megaman: OOF!!
Me: HEY!
Roll: Back off. This is MY fight!
Me: I'm not just gonna let you push Megaman around like that!
Me: I don't want to use force, but I will if I have to. I'm giving you one chance. Come Back!
Roll: DIE!
Me: (mutters) Corruption chip. That's got to be-OOF!
Me: Ok, you've given me no choice. OP, gimme something!
My Operator (OP): Attack Battle Chip, Lightsaber! Slot In!
Roll: Roll-Arrow!
Me: Omega-X Adapter! Power-Up!
Me: If you wanna hit me, you'll have to do better then that!
OP: Cylone Chip! Slot In!
Me: Ability Cyclone Chip!
A huge Cylone forms around me, and Dark Roll is Immediately sucked right in. When the Cylone Stops, There's Roll, lying on the ground. I notice a small Microchip on the ground and I pick it up.
Me: System Scan!
After a short Scan...
Me: Holy Crap this thing is JAM-PACKED with Viruses!
I put the chip on the ground, and tell my OP;
Me: Gimme Thunder Buster.
OP: Attack Battle Chip! Thunder Buster! Slot In!
Me: Power Gear! Overdrive!
My cannon starts humming louder than it has ever before, and i release the most POWERFUL shot I've ever used before. The chip EXPLODES, sending me FLYING backwards. Roll gets up, and tries to run to me, but she's so weak she passes out as soon as she gets up.
I use my LIGHTNING-Speed to get there, and manage to catch her before she slams into the ground.
Me: OP, Log me out.
OP: Thunderman...and Roll, Logout!
We head to Sci-Tech, where Roll is delivered to the Virus Removal and Bug Treatment center, where her status is confirmed as "Critical"
Doctor: She's going to be here for a few days at least. Her System has been infected by multiple different viruses, They are eating away at her Core. I'm afraid she may not make it through.
Me: I have a backup plan.
Doctor: You do?
Me: I am the creator of Thunder Protection. I can install that on her.
Doctor: Is it safe?
Me: Well, if it wasn't safe then i wouldn't be offering to implant it.
Doctor: Well, I guess we could give it a try...
Leave a suggestion in the comment section on what you should think the next part should be. Will her core shut down, or will she survive?
PS, i couldn't find any pieces to put for the head band thing, so i just left that part out.
Hope you all like it!
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