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The Green Ember
Published 7 months ago
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"My place beside you, my blood for yours. Till the Green Ember rises, or the end of the world."
Heather and Picket led a peaceful and happy life in their sheltered home of Nick Hollow. They did not know of the shattered and broken world outside their valley until their home is destroyed, their family taken, and they themselves on the run from frightening foes.
Led by their Uncle Wilfred and adopted cousin, they travel to a secret citadel hidden deep beneath a mountain. Here they discover the last remnants hiding in rebellion, waiting for their promised heir and the Mended Wood.
Betrayal and villainy loom. Friends become foes and foes ever abound. Heather and Picket prepare as the scales tip.
It is time for heroes to rise. It is time for the Green Ember to be revealed.
"The Green Ember burns. The seed of the new world smoulders. Healing is on the horizon, but a fire comes first. Bear the Flame."

If you want to know my opinion about this book, brilliant would sum it up perfectly. Seriously, S.D. Smith, the author, is on a level with people like Andrew Peterson, a good friend.
The Green Ember books are stories on par with the Wingfeather Saga. Stories full of truth. Stories that shine light into a dark room.
The Green Ember is a story about bravery and, in the words of the book itself, a "story to make up brave."
Don't be put off by the rabbits on the cover. While these are undoubtedly kids books, I realised how relevant they are for adults, on rereading, too.
If you aren't acquainted with the Green Ember characters, if you have never visited the world of Natalia, I recommend you head straight to your local library and find it. Being America, you'll probably have them in the library. Aussie libraries don't.

They're on Audible, too, narrated brilliantly.
The rant's over.

As for the model, I created a little scene from the book. It's in a place called Cloud Mountain. The underground room is Heather and Picket's bedroom, and above ground is a mossy rock porch where Maggie Weaver O'Sage, the wisest rabbit in the Mountain, sits and sews.

"Bear the Flame!"

For Christ Alone!

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7 months ago
I'm all for swords, plus this book sounds epic! I've run out of things to read
7 months ago
Those are good books!
Admittedly, they aren’t my favorite series, but they’re definitely underrated!
7 months ago
i' wasn't a big fan of these,
7 months ago
@Fireblade, Well take my word for it, read these stories. There's a series of four, plus about 6 side novels.
(Lots of swords

@WizardBuilds, Agreed!

@KoA, So was my little sister, she didn't like them.
7 months ago
@KingOfAce I've not read it, but I've heard like the first two chapters... from what I understand it's one of those things people either love or hate.
6 months ago
Right all I've got to do is convince my parent
5 months ago
The Green Ember is one of my favorite book series! Heather is my fav character
5 months ago
Heather is great! She's one of my favourites, along with Helmer, Picket, and Emma.
5 months ago
D_R - Yeah, I think Picket was my favorite. I’m a younger brother, so I related to him. Also, I like the arrogant/evil guys that get character development.
5 months ago
Huh, that comment didn’t go through right…

Honestly, I just like characters whom are named Heather
5 months ago
@Wizard, Picket's character arc in the first book is amazing.
If you're talking about who I think you're talking about then I agree!

@Astro, I love that name, too! It's a really nice medievil name and it sounds great.
5 months ago
Dragon Rider: Yeah, a lot of my OCs have the name Heather XD
5 months ago
D_R - Yeah, Picket from Green Ember! His character type (one I like) was executed well!
Also, I enjoyed Green Ember, but sometimes it’d remind me too much of Guardians of Ga’hoole. (Owls instead of bunnies…
It is a good name!
4 months ago
I was gonna say, "I don't think this is a scene from the book anymore" xD
Then I flipped it
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