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Chapter 18
Published 2 months ago
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After you read this, you will probably think, Where will he go from this? My answer... well I can't give it, but I don't think y'all have any idea.

My eyes opened and my ears rung, I could also smell the slight scent of a fired bullet. These things lead me to think a gun had gone off, and I slowly, yet painfully, rose from the ground where I lay. I was weak, very weak, yet seemed to be gaining a little strength.

“Greenie,” I heard a voice say from my left, so I turned and looked into the purple eyes of J2fam77. “Greenflame, are you, eh, all together?” He was pointing a revolver at my chest, but his eyes showed compassion.

“Absolutely,” I said, wincing with pain as I stepped forwards. J2 ran over and helped me find my way to Lego_Paradox’s throne, where I sat in a slight daze. “What’s happened.”

“Lord Phantom’s been killed by KnightofElabor, then Random dude killed Knight…” he looked down at his feet sadly, and my heart sank.

“I never met Knight in person, and I… do you mean the virus Random dude, or just like some other—?”

“Yeah, the virus. He was going to take over the systems, and try to rule the world. I,” he looked down at his revolver. “I made him think I was on his side, and then killed him. He totally let his guard down, I’m pretty sure he didn’t think of me as a large threat to his plans.”

“And what about the others,” I said, trying to stand up but deciding against it. Foggy yet terrible memories flooded my mind, memories of friends being slain, some of them by my own hands.

J2 looked around, and sighed, “I don’t know. We might be the only survivors. I just, I’m not sure. I do know some were, killed,” he gave me a questionable look towards the end of saying this.

I didn’t answer, but sat in silence, looking like a living statue, and running everything through my mind over and over again. It was like a pulsing nightmare, and my head began to hurt with it all. J2 stood to the side, feeling slightly awkward and uncertain. Greenflame seemed like a giant in his eyes, he’d never met him, yet heard a lot. Now he was just sitting there, apparently powerless and broken. It hurt, for some reason, and he wanted to do something. He turned and looked at the Resurrector; it had a dark feel about it, yet it was at the same time somehow hopeful. He didn’t know what to do with it, something so powerful, something that could fix everything, yet they couldn’t use it. They needed life, yet they wouldn’t take that from anyone.

“Where is my sister,” I asked, breaking J2’s train of thought. “Is she still in prison or, like, where are all the prisoners?”

“I…” J2 sighed, if Random dude had told him the truth, if they really were all dead, this was going to be hard. “Let me check,” he said, striding over to the computer with haste. It took him a minute to figure things out, but as soon as he did, his heart dropped. The transporter was fully charged, and ready to start, which mean’t they had indeed been converted into energy. He hung his head for a moment, and then turned around, not able to look at Greenie’s eyes. “They’re gone,” he said, and the present silence seemed to deepen, however this deeper silence broke as soon as it came. J2 lifted his eyes as I ignited his lightsaber in rage, and threw it towards something at the end of the room. I’d somehow obtained a spark of energy, yet lost it quickly and fell to my knees sobbing. J2 stood startled, and then angered. He once more turned to the computers, and mess around; after a minute the Resurrector came to life, it’s front sliding open, and humming faintly. He couldn’t stand this, it was all too much. He’d give himself up, it was the only way.

“What are you doing?” I asked, staring at him through foggy eyes and in confusion. J2 stood with his mouth slightly open, looking like he didn’t know how to answer.

“I’m, I’m fixing everything.”

“How?” A spark of hope, yet one fringed with doubts, burst in my mind.

“This thing, it, it can reverse the damage done. It needs power though, it needs life. I’m not important, so I’m going.”

“No,” I said, finding the strength to rise. “You’re not responsible for any of this, you shouldn’t pay.” My eyes were filled with determination as I spoke.

“But—” he stopped short, realizing my plan. “You’re not doing it Greenie!”

“Why not!” I said in anger. “I was responsible for the death of our friends, some of whom I slew with my own hands. All because I went rogue, all because I didn’t listen and flew off while still not fully in my right mind.”

“It’s not your fault Greenie, you couldn’t think straight, and just, just, they made you do it Greenie!”

“But it’s my fault I wasn’t right in the head, I made a stupid mistake. I almost killed myself with my own weapon. I always make dumb mistakes J2, I can’t help it, and it finally got the better of me.”

“You can’t blame all this on that, Greenflame.”

“Well what about losing my siblings? If I hadn’t done that, if I hadn’t brought them into this universe in the first place, we wouldn’t have had to go on this stupid mission. It works itself back to me, and you had no part in any of this. If someone’s going to give their life, it will be me.”

“No,” J2 persisted.

“So we just leave everyone else dead, wandering off and living life knowing that we couldn’t have reversed the damage.”

“If you die it won’t reverse—”

“It will reverse most of the damage, my life isn’t worth all of theirs. Face it J2, it’s the just thing to do.”

The room once again fell into a quiet trance, duty, fear, sorrow, and shame the only companions of those who occupied it. I didn’t like this decision just as much as J2 didn’t, but it wouldn’t be right, for any reason, to let him die while I went on living. Even if my reasons were pitiful, which I didn’t believe they were, I still had more reason to die than he did. No one else would die, unless it was the one who had himself caused so much death. “J2,” I said in a much calmer, yet still grieved tone, “this is the right way to go. There aren’t always a good choices, only better ones.”

“I know, but it’s just…” he trailed off, not sure what his point was. I walked over and placed a hand on his shoulder, and then stepped past and into the cylinder.

“How do you turn this thing on?” I questioned, looking around for a switch or something.

“I, I think I might have to operate it from the computers.” He said, walking over to them and pressing some buttons. The entrance suddenly slid shut in front of me, and my heart leapt. This was the end. I began to shake, and breath fast, yet tried to calm myself. “This isn’t right,” J2 yelled from the computers, his voice coming in slightly muffled.

“None of it is right, but it still has to be done.”

“I can’t do it Greenie, you’re a friend.”

“And so is everyone else, just do it J2.”

“Only when you say.”

I breathed deeply, not sure what to do. All I had to do was say the word, and my life would end. Stepping forwards I breathed onto the glass, and then used my hand to pen the last words I’d ever write. Carry the Fire. “Fire,” I said, forcing myself to smile at my own pun, even though it felt wrong. I’d joke till the end if I could.

“Done,” j2 said, and just as he did I felt the air become dense and my body pressured.

“Goodbye buddy,” I said with a fake smile, the pressure turning into pain.

“Goodbye…” he said, unsure as what to do. I closed my eyes and gasped for air, the pain was getting worse. It wasn’t a sharp pain, but a blunt and forceful pain that ate at everything. J2 seemed to notice things were getting rough, and being overcome with grieve fled the room with his ears covered, expecting to hear some kind of final indication of my death, and not wanting to stick around for it. I was alone now, unable to breath, and hardly able to think.

“Please, let this work Lord,” I almost whispered, but mostly thought as I couldn’t bring myself to say, or do, hardly anything. In less than a minute later, there was a jolt, a shift in the air, and it was over.

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!
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2 months ago
@legomaster You do! And no, the last is the next chapter.
2 months ago
your right I am unsure where your going with this.
2 months ago
Dang it off to bed chaps see ya tomorrow
2 months ago
I don't know what to say, so I'm just going to wait for the next chapter.
2 months ago
@DR_06 Yeah, I think most people are in the same boat.
2 months ago
crazy plot twist: everybody blows up

Good story Green dude. I awakes enjoy these.
2 months ago
Thanks everyone, and yeah... you will just have to wait... I know, I've left it off at a terrible spot.
2 months ago
My word.

Great writing! xD
I do have a couple theories.
2 months ago
That is cool like AWESOME MODEL CHAPTER 18 !
2 months ago
Thanks guys... and I don't think y'all know where this is going... I mean, you could... but I don't think so
2 months ago
"You underestimate our power..."
2 months ago
*slices off one arm and both legs, then watches you burn*
2 months ago
*greenie eventually throws somebody down a reactor shaft*
2 months ago
@legomaster oops... sorry about that then... here are your limbs back.

@Fireblade I guess
2 months ago
Oh! *facepalm*... he can be repaired.
2 months ago
I don’t really know what to think rn. Oh,I know! A little something along the lines of “nice chapter greenco!”
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