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Bael'duun Valley
Published 4 months ago
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Once again another micro civilization but with some story involved. Match the numbers if you want to know more about it.

1: Skycast Village (Huntsmen and craftsmen settle down here because of the village's natural resources. With trees surrounding the area, it makes for a perfect area for growth and lumber.)

2: Jadewick Forest (It is believed that the trees here can speak to each other and communicate through their roots. Some goblins roam the forest, jumping from tree to tree waiting for travelers to come by to steal from. A shack is nestled in the middle of the forest. It was once a manor dedicated to one of Skycast's founders but was ransacked by the goblins.)

3: Mount Oakblow (A small mountain covered in massive pine trees miles across. The pine trees were believed to be planted upon the graves of the last oak trees in the valley.

4: Echo Pass (From miles through the pass, echos can be heard from start to end. Above the great pass is a rope bridge spanning several feet across. Across the bridge is a watchhouse in case any more goblins try to cause trouble in the pass.

5: Thoras Keep (Errected years ago to hold off pine yeti's from the valley. After almost a month of hard fighting at the keep, the yeti's were pushed out so Skymark Village could be built.
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