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7773-1: Tiger Shark Attack
Published 1 year ago
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The build is ~98% exact, with only two major functional pieces missing, but I had to create MOC-assemblies to replace both: a Technic 3x5x1⅔ block and large Technic tridents. They are named "[MOC] Technic Block 3x5x1⅔" and "[MOC] Trident L/R" within the "Submarine."

The rest are just missing stickers and decals, plus one of the minifig heads (used very similar print).




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The "Tiger Shark Attack" set no. 7773-1 came out in the 'Aqua Raiders' series in 2007, and even though it's one of the smaller models, I find it highly curious.

Clocking at 340 parts and two minifigs, the 'Tiger Shark Attack' was one step down from a 'Crab Crusher' set. It had a similar layout: a brick-built giant sea monster attacking Aquaraiders submarine, a few accessories on the side, and a tiny seafloor's patch with some treasures and underwater decorations.

What's pretty amusing is a stark, almost overwhelming contrast in the design and build quality between the Tiger Shark and the Submarine. Unfortunately, Lego didn't credit individual designers for sets (unless it's some collector's edition or special series), but I'm confident that two different people were responsible for these two segments. And boy, were they not equal in skills and talent!

The Tiger Shark model is just sloppy and looks almost unfinished. The styling is all over the place, an untidy and crude patchwork of slopes, bows, rudders, and angle plates all thrown together. Shark's head can turn a little, so this justifies a rather ugly gap between the head and the trunk, but why wouldn't the tail connect to the rest of the body seamlessly? The second gap seems to be unnecessary and ruins the look.

The bottom fin on the shark's tail is mounted as a moving element, which is anatomically incorrect (as far as I remember). Sharks have one rigid caudal fin in the tail. The shark's eyes are decals, so the whole set is dependent on just one brick—another example of weak design.

The submarine is comparable in size and consists of ~150 bricks (which is very close to the Tiger Shark). But the design and construction are just excellent here, exemplary: a striking, solid aggressive look, lots of neat solutions, inventive usage of bricks throughout the build.

A spacious cabin is designed to fit a minifig in full diving gear (eliminating the need for cargo space or any storage hooks and mounts), with a rotating dashboard too! The submarine is armed with a torpedo launcher in the front, two large trident cannons (powered with a pneumatic rig with massive hoses), and detachable harpoon rifles.

One of my favorite subtle details is a hammer used as an axle for the tail fin. Where a light sword blade or a 3M shaft would do the trick (but as separate parts, they won't be of much use), the Lego designer went with an excellent minifig accessory. This is a genuinely detail-oriented approach and solid fan service (something that can't be said about the shark's irreplaceable head, for example).

Apart from the submarine and the shark, the 'Tiger Shark Attack' set includes a stationary harpoon cannon (neatly made from the "video camera" brick and minifig spear), and a tiny treasure (a few crystals on a golden dish, mounted on 4x4 plate with a few rocks and seaweed).

Check more of my 'Aqua Raiders' builds on Mecabricks:

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