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Age of the Wild: Chapter 1: From the Journal of Master Komali...
Published 5 months ago
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From the journal of Master Komali Pippinson...

it was Ulilithia, 3012 AD. I was fixing up my Falcon Longbow after a tedious day trying to slay another Ogre for the people. The snow, after a while, started to become cloudy and bleak. My face started to grow weary, until he came..

???: Hello.

Komali: Aah!! Oh, sorry, I uh, didn't see you there. I'm busy now, so you should probably go.

I was truly being serious, and I wanted, well, whoever he was to leave me alone, but he didn't look like he came to sip tea. Captured by his earnest look, I decided to advance his prompt.

Komali: Who are you?

Philomon: I am Philomon, son of Thilomon. I was a friend of your father, Komali.

Ticked off, but not surprised that he knew my name, every word he said made him look worse and worse towards me. I passive-aggressively asked him what brought him here, but before I said anything, I stopped in my tracks. He looked not like he needed my help, but I his help. I already knew who he was just by what he was wearing. He was one of the chosen for The Pride Ceremony, where the ancient Flame of Ulilith would be taken from the heavens to be lit on Ulilithia by the chosen ones with special powers, for one whole week! A great festival would be held for the chosen ones, including a great feast, where the poor would be given a hoard of food to last them until next festival, which I was fond of, and many people would come in large noisy crowds, which I was Not fond of. Granted, I was also chosen, but I knew of Philomon the Strong, and seeing Philomon here in all his glory, I was embarrassed and didn't want him to know I was tired, so looking for ideas to set up a boast, I looked around and saw the targets around each other. I let him speak, not very well listening, of course, but when he asked me that I join him for, whatever reason, I said yes.

Philomon: Good. I am certain that, if we work together, we can-

Komali: However!

I shot up into the air valiantly, and upon my decent, I glanced at the surrounding targets quickly, and drawing my newly repaired bow...

Komali: HA!!!

I fired three new bomb arrows, and each one landed exactly on its according target. Drawing myself back with my wings, I quickly stopped my flight position, and at the last second, I shot up into the air, clearing the cloudy sky entirely, and leaving behind a vibrant rainbow. Seeing as he was impressed, I decided to milk it by giving a speech.

Komali: Impressive, I know. It's not every day that one can achieve a mastery of the sky.

He said not a word. I was confused, and also frustrated. I tried to step up my game by sweetening the deal.

Komali: Not a word, eh? Well, I know you will be truly speechless when I make my great move at the ceremony in a week.

He still said nothing. I tried to get into his head by getting a hand on his shoulder.

Komali: And as the sole pride of the sky, I know that - pardon me for being so blunt - I know that I play the biggest part in this little.. ceremony, correct? Well, if all the others lose their confidence after seeing Me in action, don't come crying to me.

That did it. I waited for his lead for me to follow. Although, as proud of myself as I was, I - couldn't help but simply ask what he wanted.

Komali: Alright! WHAT DO YOU WANT HERE!!!!

That was it. I couldn't keep my cool - like I was supposed to. I kicked a tuft of snow into the middle, and he spoke.

Philomon: If you might hear me, then I am in need of you. As you are also the chosen one, you are my perfect choice.

Komali: Well - *uh* well, don't expect me to be so nice next time! So, where are we going?...

Thanks for reading! Chapter 2 should be out next week. Enjoy!
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5 months ago
This shows PROMISE!

Hm, though im not quite sure Wyrna will take this so lightly

hell odds are, she might be trying to avoid them at the moment
4 months ago
Nice! This is looking good. You portrayed Philomon exactly as I hoped. He certainly wouldn't show his praise. xD
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