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Ninjago What if ? (Remake) Made by JmattLego
Published 7 months ago
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This is a remake of JmattLego's Ninjago What if ?
Their description is
Stories: (Fan-made)
Kai: After kai and the other three ninjas successfully rescued Nya (Pilot).
Kai quitted to be a ninja to continue to work on their blacksmith, 3 years later, kai realized that he could make an Tech-Armor for himself with help of genius cyrus borg after that he became a real hero.

Zane: So after zane sacrifice himself (Rebooted). Pixal didn't remaked him so ToE didn't happen.

Cole: After Cole climbed on the top of the mountain (Backstory). When wu asked him to be a ninja, Cole refused thats why he just became a regular man.

Jay: So after Nya become with the sea (Seabound) . The 5 remaining ninjas had a new adventure, They discovered a secret realm but they didn't know what it is, they asked wu about it but wu doesn't know it either so ninjas went into that realm but that realm is the "Ninjago Movie" realm. But it has zombie apocalypse and after they explore they had to escape but the zombies are stopping them, so jay thinks that he has to sacrifice himself so the other 4 ninjas can escape, after he sacrificed himself he also became a zombie too. (Kinda dark for a kid tv show lol)

Nya: So basically Nya didn't became the water ninja, She's still the Samurai X.
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