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0rder 66: Chapter 1
Published 9 months ago
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Order 66: Chapter 1

Missiles screamed from a distant battlefield as Flint and his legion of clones carried the injured infantry to the nearest military base. Chaos erupted everywhere Flint looked. He was walking along side of the jedi commander Ty Nolan in front of the procession and his eyes kept darting beneath his helmet to all the maimed and bleeding clones that were moaning on their stretchers. It disgusted him, that all these great soldiers that fought for the galaxy every day of their lives could be reduced to moaning wrecks by those separatists. The company slowed as they neared the base and the different medics pushed their patients towards the medical barracks. Jedi General Nolan and Flint helped direct the lines of cots and stretchers as best they could. “General!” a voice yelled from near the tree line, Nolan and Flint hurried to where the voice had come from. It was Flints favorite second in command, Lt. Cutter. Cutter waited till the jedi and clone were level with him before sharing the news. “A separatist force has been spotter nearing pine ridge sir, ETA, two hours.” “What?” Flint yelled. He had thought when they left the battlefield that they would be able to tend to the wounded before reentering the battle. Apparently, he had judged wrong. “How many are there?” “He immediately got discouraged at the grave look he got from Cutter. “From the statistics that the scouts brought back… about five thousand clankers including B2s, A couple of AAt’s, four MTTs and air support.” Nolan looked grave. “We cannot try and fight them with this many injured at stake. We do not have the forces nor the strength.” Flint made his decision on the spot. “We will move north-east, to the swamps. their heavy weapons won’t be able to penetrate the foliage, and the clankers will sink in the muck.” Both Nolan and Cutter silently agreed with the strategy and the three of them moved back towards the barracks to deliver the news. None of them knew, that none of them would be going anywhere near the swamps.
. . . . . . . . . . . . .
As Flint walked back into camp, his holoprojector buzzed in his pack. He pulled it out and turned it on. “The time has come, Execute Order 66.” Flint stared at it in confusion, “what in rancors was Order 66?” He thought. It didn’t take long for him to figure it out. While he was staring at the projector, he heard the same message played on two other holograms. “The time has come, Execute Order 66.” It was Lt. Cutter and Sergeant Steel’s messages. As Flint watched, they both raised their blasters and aimed them directly at General Nolan. Flint didn’t understand the meaning of this, but he did understand the urgency of the situation. He ran at full speed across the rocky terrain and pushed the general to the ground. The shot from Steel’s blaster sped over Flint and the General and hit Cutter straight in the chest. Cutter, a Lieutenant that had fought bravely by Flint’s side ever since they left Kamino, fell to ground. Killed by his own brother. Flint’s temper rose. He was dimly aware of the fact that Cutter too had aimed his blaster at the general, but he was still protective of his friend and knew what he had to do. There was no sparing these clones. Something had turned them into traitors, and there was no turning them back. Flint raised his pistol and shot Steel in the shoulder. The rest of the uninjured clones began firing upon Flint and the Jedi. Flint blasted clone after clone after clone. Tears welling up in his helmet, as he thought about the fact that he was killing the 409th. The legion that he had led since he was promoted to commander. Nolan got to his feet and started deflecting the trooper’s shots back to their legs or arms. It was clear that he too was torn by killing his own soldiers. They fought for what seemed like hours. Flint wondered how many clones he had actually brought back from the main battlefield. They just kept coming. Flint got scraped in the leg twice by the same clone but Nolan took him out with a well aimed swing from his lightsaber. As they fought on. Flint and Nolan got injured more and more, until it was a miracle that they were still fighting. Though they fought well they could not hold off so many clones with only two of them and Ty Nolan the great jedi master, got hit in the heart three times before his saber slipped from his hands, and he fell to the ground to breath his last. Flint quickly knelt beside him while still shooting blindly at the oncoming troops. Nolan looked at him sadly. “I don’t know what is going on” he said while coughing in between words. “But you must find jedi, and hide them as well as you can.” Flint ducked as another shot narrowly missed his helmet. “It is clear that the galaxy will not be the same as it was before.” He coughed again and his hands slipped a little in Flints gloves. “Make sure that you do not fail the republic. “They need you.” His hand went limp. Flint gently placed his head back on the gravely sand and flinched as a laser hit his leg. He got up and started charging the ranks of clone troopers, limping as he went. Four more lasers hit him in the legs, shoulder and arms before he slammed into the dirt before the first clone in line. The clone looked down at him expressionless, before hollering for the army to load the gunships and join the evacuation at the swamp. He took one last look at the fallen clones and Jedi, before jumping on the nearest gunship and lifting off the ground flying north-east, towards the point where they would leave, and join a tyranny that none of them would ever have imagined they would be a part of.

Thanks for reading! I know some of you are thinking, why am I reposting Chapter 1, Because I didn't like it... And I accidently deleted the model

These chapters will probably be posted around every 2 weeks, and I hope you have the time to read it!

Things I have changed, The color of the clone trooper in the previous one was to close to Lax's raven squad, so I changed it to teel.

Special thanks to SiMal for the insanely cool DC-17 repeating hand blaster!!

All chapters can be found here https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/GVjK6EDm2nz
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9 months ago
Sorry there is no indents at the start of the paragraph... The model took them out for some reason
9 months ago
sounds good! (yeah I've noticed that as well. . .)
9 months ago
I just realized how close Flint is to captain Howzer
9 months ago
@Slim-fitting, you have quite an interesting story here, and I can't wait to hear more!
9 months ago
"what in rancors was Order 66"... I could re-use that one
9 months ago
Wow! Thats-Awesome!
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