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The Last Chance Chapter 2
Published 4 months ago
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Right, sorry for the delay,
school work am I right

well I hope you enjoy the chapter, the reason why I haven't dropped any of the other people in is because, [REDACTED]

The Last Chance chapter 2

Steam mixed with exhaust fell into the room quickly he pulled up his mask, to avoid the toxic fumes, then, he ran.

As soon as he was inside he removed the pocket knife. It was still glitching from the IWS upgrades, he shoved it back into his pocket. He looked around at the buildings there seemed to be a moderately sized skyscraper, at least 70 stories that met Dericks descriptions.
Good news, it was a few blocks ahead,
Bad news, it was surrounded by Sentry Droppers
The white circles in the air would be dropping Sentries by the hundreds in approximately 5 minutes- give or take, hopefully give. The other contestants were running towards a car, smiling to himself he ran through the street to the scrapper, he reached the door as soon as the voice rang

“deploying sentries” Rang out the unsettling voice of one Game-Master.

3 minutes too early, WAY too early!

He grabbed the door, swung it open and slammed it shut barely seconds before a laser beam sizzled past. Quickly he took account of his surroundings looking for something to block up the door, a waiting room had 3 sofas and 3 sofa chairs, 3 lights consisting of 3 bulbs each, shesh what’s with the 3’s here! Hastily he grabbed 2 of the chairs and blocked the door.
Now it was time to figure out how to get up. No stairs it seemed,
So there had to be an elevator somewhere, He ran through the waiting room and into the maze of offices, quickly he found what appeared to be a lift of sorts at the edge of the room, annoyed he clicked the up arrow, there stealing a glance behind him on one of the security feed’s for the front door, there seemed to be about 5 Sentries
‘Ding’ the Elevator’s door opened 2 dead body’s lay inside, he disregarded them as props for the simulator. But then, the stench hit him. Grabbing his nose he hastily took out his walky talky

“Derick? Derrick, are you there!”

“I’m here bro, what’s got you rattled?”

Oh my gosh, You know how they use props for dead people?”


“I’m in an elevator inside a skyscraper. A few fell out, and- and, well, they’re real.”

“WHAT! Dude you gotta get out of there, that means HE’s there, out, now!”

“What do you think I’m trying to do!”

“Well whatever you think you're doing, do it faster!”

Hurriedly he pulled them out and shut their eyes, He punched the top level button, and slowly the Elevator lurched upwords and agonising music played in the background. About half way up the Elevator shuddered, stopped, then fell.
he was thrown up and somehow barely avoided a cracked skull, wincing from pain he moved his hand to the emergency escape hatch on the roof, before he pushed/pulled himself out he withdrew the Fire-strike gun, it had morphed into a small compatible assault rifle,(a SCAR if you will) he clipped the pocket knife to the back and flipped out a grapple, then aiming for the roof he let it fly, the winch barely managed to scrape around one of the railings, then jerked him free from the ever descending lift. He swung himself to the side of the building and hit the reverse button on the pocketknife. It pulled him up and within moments he was at the roof, tired and running on adrenaline he checked himself,
so far so good, just a few bruises, nothing serious.
“Hey uh, Derrick, where are you? I’m at the Rendezvous and, well, where’s the ride you promised?”

“Look, if it ain’t there then that means the guy I paid to take it either is late or HE killed him, either way find cover. NOW!”

“On it, AAGH- ahh- ahh”

“What? What is it, Cody CODY ARE YOU THERE! I’m coming just hold o-”
}: ]
“Pity, your friend is probably anxious about your safety, however I regret- or do I, holding on to feelings after the change is always a nuisance, personally. However, you will not make it through this trial of the IWS, my apologies. Your journey ends here”

Cody stole a look at his arm- flesh bubbled from the burn, gasping between painful breath’s he looked up.

There HE stood, there. Was. Razer.

Well thats it for now

All chapters can be viewed here: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/1w2rKKgVj8W
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4 months ago
Woah... that's intense O_O. Great job bro!
4 months ago
@Greenie, thanks man! (this story is meant to be a bit darker then most of mine
4 months ago
@Fireblade Yeah, I can tell... Much darker than this
4 months ago
@Greenie, Really? thats good.
4 months ago
@Fireblade Oh yeah, I can totally tell. It's kinda creepy honestly XD I wonder if Dragon will see?
4 months ago
I’m glad you like the socks! (I, in turn, like the story!
4 months ago
@Justy, I'm sure if you asked him he'd be happy too, however putting them on with your knife hands might prove nigh impossible...

Wiz, thanks
4 months ago
FB - Does your postal service ship to the BurtonVerse?
4 months ago
I have a portal generating shield
why not!
3 months ago
tHaNkS i WiLl TaKe ThAt As A cOmPlEmEnT
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