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Schweizer 300 S269C Helicopter
Published 1 month ago
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Credits to MangaNOID for making the basis for this MOC with his Calypso Hughes 269B Helicopter. (https://ideas.lego.com/projects/79ba02a8-28ea-464d-bf69-40b64c320452 & https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/156205-moc-calypso-hughes-269b300-helicopter/)

As a helicopter engineer I'm very interested in helicopter lego technic models, when I first saw MangaNOID's model I was very impressed with the attention to detail, even working from the original Training Manual of the real helicopter to get the scale and general composition correct. When I found the model in the eurobricks forum I wanted to make it in real life.

When I opened the model 200 parts couldn't be loaded for some reason so I had to rebuild some parts, as I was working on it I got hooked and made more changes and additions to get the model closer to the real one:
-rebuilt the landing gear
-added exhaust system
-added vertical stabilizer
-added tail skid
-changed horizontal stabilizer
-added position, anti collision and landing lights
-added dual controls
-added fuel caps
-added rotating swashplate and pitch links
-changed TGB & T/R hub
-changed M/R blade tips
-changed and added several other small details
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1158 pieces
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1 month ago
I'm simply confused at how you get so many views and so little likes. The helicopter is stunning (and realistic, at least from a glance.
1 month ago
Holy cow this is awesome. I found this via MangaNOID's post and you've done an exceptional job. The detail and accuracy is incredible. I learned to fly in the B model of one of these.
I signed up just to like and comment.

How do I build this for real? Or is it just concept without an actual parts list and construction notes?
1 month ago
Oh I just found the Inventory tab!
1 month ago
@Cakery: Yeah me too.
1 month ago

I just ordered all the parts myself, I had to spend almost a day to change colours and rare bricks to available and cheaper bricks to make it afordable. I ordered from 15 different sellers. Hope I can start building at the end of the week.

Don’t know how to make construction notes as this is the first model I did in Mecabricks (or digital)
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