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Lockheed XFV-1 - the plane that sat on its tail.
Published 4 months ago
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The Lockheed XFV-1 was an early attempt at VTOL. For those who don't know, VTOL means Vertical Take Off and Landing. Lockheed took the idea too literally. Their design, similar to the Convair XFY-1, was a tail sitter. This is what the two small wheels on the tips of each tail surface are for. Or were supposed to be for. The expected powerplant driving the twin counter-rotating props for stable vertical flight were too costly for the project, and therefore replaced. This replacement engine simply wasn't powerful enough for vertical takeoff. In a way, this was a blessing, because if it could, it would be almost impossible to land due to Lockheed overlooking the fact that a pilot would have a huge blind spot behind them, making landing a trial. Convair soon discovered this with their delta-winged XFY-1, which did have the capability of VTOL. Enter the maintenance rack - sorry - new landing gear. The fixed-position landing gear allowed it to become airbourne more conventionally, but for tests to be conducted. Eventually, both the XFV-1 and XFY-1 were scrapped, but leaving a scar in the history of aviation - a scar of that of a complete laughing stock.

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4 months ago
I know the XFY-1 FlightGear. Very hard to control, I can tell ya.
4 months ago
sorry, I meant "from FlightGear"
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