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Published 3 months ago
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The E-wing starfighter is a single-pilot starship developed by FreiTek Inc. It is notable for being the first fighter designed entirely under the support of the New Republic.

The E-wing was intended to match or exceed the performance of the preceding X-wing series in every respect. However, the craft suffered from several significant problems when first deployed among front-line squadrons, namely malfunction issues with the wing-mounted laser cannons and cost of the new R7 astromech units (which had been designed specifically for the E-wing).
These problems are fixed in the newest "Type B" E-wing, which allows the starfighter to have a widespread use by the New Republic.
The fighter is heavily armed with three laser cannons and a double proton torpedo launcher with a magazine of sixteen torpedoes.

Hope you like it!
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3 months ago
nice also 20k views
3 months ago
you welcome
3 months ago
What's the max. amount I can order within 12 days?

& Congrats on 20k!
2 months ago
shut up and take my moneys.
this is awesome, as always!
you make the most fabulous starfighters on Mecabricks, and the animation really eccentrifies that!
good show, Veers. good show indeed.
2 months ago
Thank you, my dear Justy.

If you have any idea for a next ship, do not hesitate

I was ready to go for a TIE Avenger, but there is already a great model by Theoderic.
The one I really want to design now is the Decimator VT-49, but this thing is so huge... I don't know if I would find the time for it
2 months ago
beautiful(and I mean hella amazingly beautiful) model and the best animation use I think ive seen on mecabricks.
2 months ago
i know a bargain when i see one
(love the way this is presented)
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