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SMB3 Mario and Goomba
Published 4 days ago
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I love Super Mario Bros 3, It's one of my favourite Mario franchise games!!

So I've made Little Mario and a Goomba!!
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4 days ago
You mean "Super Plumer" games. XD
4 days ago
Oh, The model says "Super Mario", Who on earth is that??
I only know of, The Legendry, The Epic, Super Plumer Guy!!

-Note to self-
Make a "Super Plumer" pixel art
My uncle has that on his old nintendo so whenever I visit him me and my cousins get to play it.
4 days ago
Awesome pixel art @Mr_worriz❗
I love this game too❗❗
This is actually the first part of the whole game❗
I play it sometimes on my retro Gameboy, but I never got to the end. It's so long.. the farthest I've gotten was World 7. Have any of you finished it❓
(BTW, how many levels are there❓)
4 days ago
Is the game on the original NES, If so, that's a classic!!

Thank you!!
And yes I have finished it!! I have it on my Switch, It's not the same because you can rewind if you have made a mistake (Which I've made a lot of them!!)
It goes up to World 8, And it is SOOOOOO hard!!

P.S You have a Gameboy!! Awesome!!
4 days ago
Yeah if its on the NES, that's worth a buttload of money.
4 days ago
And, N_D, you have a Gameboy! Nice.
4 days ago
I could never agree any more!!
4 days ago
I have a DS and a Wii, (Not as impressive though)
Well the Wii is broken, but we will try to get it fixed!!
1 day ago
My gameboy is very average looking, has 500 games on it (Though some are repeated, like a spoof of Mario is Alice Cooper), and you can't save your progress, so it's kinda a bummer.. you have to start over every time❗When I play SMB3 I always have to do it a LOT of the day, so I don't do it that often... :<
1 day ago
Also, wut's NES❓Does it stand for "Nintendo.. everyone.. sleeps"❓JK JK LOLOL :>
But seriously, what does it stand for❓
24 hours ago
Oh, that❗I know what that is, I just didn't know the name Haha... (I'm a doof.. :< )
And the lego set is awesome❗
It would be cool to get, but it's like..
23 hours ago
That's like.. $$$$$$$$$$.... okay, I know there are more expensive sets, but still......
23 hours ago
I just figured out a new emoticon❗
When you type in :, , and /, you get this❗

That's totally the wrong emoji..
23 hours ago
Arg, it's not letting me show the symbol that looks like this / but the opposite..
11 hours ago
No worries!! I don't get along with the emojis as well!!

But yeah, that set is SOOOOO expensive!! It's a shame, the set is so good!!
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