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Published 5 months ago
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Long ago there in a far away land there lived a ronin. One day the emperor of their land told them and a few others to burn down a village that wasn’t paying the proper taxes. When they got close enough to see it in the distance they sent in the ronin to spy on the village for 1 month. The ronin left his armour and disguised himself as a traveler. When he got to the village the people there welcomed him with open arms giving him food, water, clothes and a place to stay. The people were so nice to him over the course of the month so he decided to not go back the other samurai. One month after the ronin was supposed to return to the other samurai he was sitting by the entrance to the village watching some children playing in a nearby field when the other samurai ran over the hill and massacred the children then yelled to the ronin saying “you’ve betrayed us, unless you convince the villagers to pay us double the required amount we will burn this village and you to the ground.” The ronin ran to the village and warned the people of the incoming danger. The men of the village led by the ronin met the samurai in the field three days later one of the village elders yelled “We will pay you half the required amount and you will leave with your lives” one of the samurai stepped forward “we give you the same deal, but instead of half you give us twice the required amount.” The elder walked back to the village and the ronin stepped forward “i give you one last chance, leave or die.” The samurai, the ronin and the villagers met in the middle of the field in combat. The villagers fought hard but in the end the samurai won. The villagers that remained and the ronin fled to the mountains. “It was your idea to fight!” “We should have just payed them!” The villagers yelled and argued amongst themselves for hours until the elder rose up and said “We most lost the majority of us we cannot afford to lose more! So get up and stop arguing like children! Ronin, what say you? You know more about the samurai than any of us.” The ronin stood there in the center of the room trying to think of an answer “well?” The elder said “i dont know.” Everyone started arguing and yelling again “Quiet!” Everyone looked at the elder “the ronin wants to speak.” Everyone’s attention was back on the ronin “we could go in the night, strike them down in there sleep. Id only need 10 volunteers.” One of the villagers yelled “Why trust you? You led us into battle and we lost! How do we know this wasn’t your plan all along?!” “You dont. But this is our only chance to take back the village.” One villager raised his hand “i will go.” Then one by one villagers raised there hands and stepped forward until the ronin had 10 of them. “We go tonight, they will never expect it and the majority will be drunk or asleep so it should be easy if we’re quiet.” That night the ronin and 10 of the villagers went into the village quickly and quietly killing the samurai. The ronin went to there leaders tent to find him sleeping “Wake up!” The samurai jolted up and looking at the ronin “have you come to kill me?” “Yes. Your entire army is dead by now. The villagers are coming down from the mountain and reclaiming whats there’s. I offer you one last time, we will pay half of the required amount or i will kill you.” The samurai stood up still drunk and pulled out his sword “so you choose death.” The ronin ran across the room and slashed him across the chest. the samurai looked up at the ronin and begged for his life. The ronin stabbed him through the hart, walked out and greeted the villagers in celebration. The elder yelled “we have won!” Everyone cheered and partied for hours. The next morning the ronin was leaving the village when the elder went up to him “what is it elder?” The elder reached into his punch and pulled out a satchel of money “take this as a reward” “i cannot accept this. I just saved the village so you didnt have to pay the samurai. I cant let you pay me the same amount” the elder paused then said “if you ever need a place to stay you are welcome in our village. Good luck with your travels ronin.”
The end
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5 months ago
Sorry if its a little laggy (that tree gave me so much trouble in the workshop
5 months ago
Thanks! (For your appreciation of the model and not calling me nij nij)
5 months ago
your welcome!
5 months ago
Ok so the story isnt as short as i thought it would be but whatever
5 months ago
well dis is supare cool!
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